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Fish Crazy
May 5, 2015
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My Tank:
29 Gallon (30 x 12 x 18in)
110 Liters (76 x 30 x 46cm)
My desire (it is sooooo hard!)
1- Gold Gourami
6 - Cherry Barbs
6 - Rummy-Nose Tetra
6 - Panda Cory
I've been reading on stocking limits and I am sad that this wont fit based on the inch per gallon standard.  45" of fish in a 29 gallon is so far over.  Is it possible that I could take into consideration the level the fish will live?  With the Cory as bottom feeders, the gourami at the top and the tetra/barb in the middle, could this still work?  AAAHHHH!!!  lol.  
the inch per gallon rule isn't a good guide. That stock list looks fine to me sounds sooooo fun to watch.  As my tank cycles, im sure ADD will kick in and my mind will shift.  lol
Don't expect your cherry barbs to inhabit mid levels, they tend to stay near the bottom. But it looks a good mix.
have a look at other small cories too as with a tank nearly 3 ft in length you could have more than 6 if you pick the smaller cories. I have some called Melini (they seem to be rare around here, I'm struggling to find more!) and they are smaller than my panda's. I've had them well over 6 months and they seem to have stopped growing so I'm not expecting them to get any bigger than the panda's.
Have a look here a list with photo's of all the corydora species that are known of (they're always finding new types of cory in the wild) If you click on a picture you like it will give you a list of size, requirements etc. Keep in mind though that cories need to be in a group of 5-6 of their own type (for instance 5-6 panda and 5-6 melini)
Hi again, I've just read your reading on your other thread. I just wanted to check that your not planning to add any more fish just yet? The tank needs to be cycling for the fish you have before you consider adding any new fish and when it is safe to add more do it slowly that way you won't get any ammonia and nitrite spikes
oh, i wont add any more fish.  im day dreaming.  :)  one of the lfs in my town has about 12 melini.  they say it is a special stock and will most likely stop receiving them in a month or so.  they do look nice.

the fish i do have have been keeping me satisfied.  they are fun to watch.
I wish I could find a shop stocking 12 melini! I so need to up my numbers ... the good news is that the melini's think they are panda's and so they're not lonely even though only having the 3 isn't ideal
I agree to increase the cory numbers.  And increasing the rummy nose tetra would be good too; this tetra is one that always manages better with more in the group.  You have the space for another 4-5.
The gold gourami is a bit of a hit and miss.  If you haven't already got one, I wouldn't.  This gourmai is frequently more aggressive than some other gourami species, and I have known males and females to kill other fish for no reason other than exerting their aggressive nature.  The species is Trichopodus trichopterus, and there are several varieties available (gold, blue, cosby, 3 spot, opaline, etc) but they are all the same species and thus identical in behaviours and such.
I have been concerned about aggression.  I love the look of the Gourami and wanted a one for the tank.  Maybe a pearl instead?  They seem more peaceful.  
How about this list?
1- Pearl Gourami
6 - Cherry Barbs
10 - Rummy-Nose Tetra
10 - Panda Cory
that's all looking fine - except I know very little about Gourami's in general so I'll leave others to advise you on the pearl. Looking fine otherwise :)
The Pearl Gourami is generaly more peaceful than the "Gold," but it is not a small fish, and I always think gourami are best in groups as one then sees natural interactions.  A lonely fish that is intended by natural selection to be in a group always seems a bit odd to me.  You could do a trio (one male, two females) but in a 29g (presumably 30 inches length) this is pushing the envelope with a fish that should reach close to five inches.  Honey Gourami would be a better choice, a group of 3-5 would work here.
I do like the Honey Gourami.  Do they have the same disease issues the Dwarf Gourami have?

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