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Nov 7, 2019
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Hello all.

Thanks so much for all your advice on the previous threads advising me on my fish. I'm essentially going to view a large corner tank (advertised as 250L but I think it is 300L by the measurements) Rena tank with Rena external filter on Sunday, so trying to think ahead about how to stock the three tanks. It's 80cm radius, but I'm not sure the height - if its 60cm water that's 300L.

I currently have a temporary arrangement which is as follows:
AquaOne 620T - 130L, Fluval 306 external filter plus internal filter.
Own brand equivalent of AquaVue 47L, small extra internal filter and built in drip filter.

Currently I have:
One 12cm Clown Loach - hides a lot, likely unhappy, not aggressive, my favourite fish
One 10cm Striped loach - never seen, very unhappy
Two aggressive large loaches (not chinese algae eaters but similar) each about 10cm long
Three corys (two juvenile, one fully grown).

Four Buenos Aires Tetras fully grown - not keen on due to eating plants - tried to rehome but the only respondant to the article was very creepy and disturbing in their messages so didn't want to meet them.
Three Harlequin Rasboras - fully grown

10 Cardinal Tetras
9 Albino Cherry Barb
3 Tuxedo Platy.

I also have a friend trying to rehome about 6 swordtails, which I have said I'd have if I can rehome some of mine or set up another tank.

Does anyone have suggestions for how to arrange the tank / add fish to keep them happy?
My favourite fish are the Clown Loach and the Corys.
Would the big Clown loach be happy with a few juvenile clown loach (or do they need to be the same age)?

I'd like to keep the small tank for fry as and when the swordtails or platys fall pregnant + either snails or shrimps or both if they're compatible, so it's the 130L and the 300-350L I'm considering between for the rest of the fish.

Also any advice for how to rehome fish in the UK! My experience so far has been bad!

NB I inherited all the fish with the 620T except the extra Corys, cherry barbs, cardinals and platys so it wasn't my choice to get the set of fish that there were.

Many thanks again for all your help :)


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Feb 25, 2009
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There are so many problems here I don't know how to begin. I think some advice was given in the older threads. It might be best to leave the existing fish together as the damage has clearly been done (you inherited them, I understand) and such damage is rarely reversible.

You also have fish requiring very different water parameters. Swordtails are livebearers and thus need moderately hard water. Some of the other fish are soft water species. We need to know the GH and pH to sort this aspect out. It would not be advisable to take on five swordtails if you cannot provide a healthy home for them, and that means moderately hard water as a start.


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Feb 16, 2008
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I'm not going to comment on stocking as @Byron has already done.
In my own experience corner tanks are not very practical for the following reasons
  • Less swimming space than the same volume rectangular tank (and you have some fish that need space
  • They are very high (deep) so vacuuming gravel is not easy and reaching the back wall is hard
  • Weight / space. Thought it would be great for a corner until I realised it took up so much of the room I couldn;t really use that room for anything else. Turned out too heavy to move for re-decorating the room
I'm not saying don't - but I have and I certainly won't do it again.