1. J

    Small Paludarium Tank Suggestions

    Hello TFF Members,   I am new to the forum and thought this might be a good place to get some advice and ideas.    I recently finished and planted a vivarium/paludarium I created for some dart frogs and created it with a waterfall leading to a small "pond" area.  I'm not 100% certain on the...
  2. cooledwhip

    Nano Saltwater Reef Tank?

    I was just wondering if it would be doable to create a small nano saltwater reef tank. I was thinking something as small as 5 gallons and have a low tech setup with an anenome and maybe some small saltwater fish. Is it possible? I have a freshwater planted tank right now and want to move on to...
  3. G

    Catfish For 20 Gallon

    Hello, i have a twenty gallon tank that i would like to add a catfish into. I have seven guppies, a snail and a red cherry shrimp. Is there any species of catfish that i can keep with my fish and inverts without having to get a whole bunch of them. I want only one, not a whole bunch, just one...
  4. F

    Changing To Smaller Fish Tank

    Hi all,   Due to moving into a small flat next week I am having to down grade to a lot smaller tank. I currently have a 3 and half foot tank and have bought a small 28 litre pets at home aqua start 320 if anyone is familiar with the name I have to make the hard decision of which fish to keep...
  5. starlitsunrise

    5 Gallon Shrimp And Snail Tank

    Hey everyone,    On Wednesday I bought the Tetra Complete LED Aquarium 5. It came with a 5 gallon tank, hood, small led light, tetra whisper micro filter and some free samples of various tetra products. Plant wise, it currently has a small amount of java moss and two baby java ferns from my 10...
  6. GriffinC18

    Midget Guppy

    My guppies have had fry multiple times and i have never had a fry be a midget. The "fry" is now 5-6 months old and has grown a little bit but is still way to small for its age. I got baby black bar endlers and the guppy is only a little bit bigger than the endlers! Anyone know whats wrong with...
  7. starlitsunrise

    Which Corys Would Be Best For A 10 Gallon Tank?

    Hello,  I just set up a 10 gallon, lightly planted tank last night and have started cycling it today (fishless cycle).    My original plans for the tank were to get a female betta and 8 pygmy cory catfish. However, when I was at my local fish store I noticed that they do not sell the pygmy...
  8. G

    Stocking A 18X10X10 (25-29Ltr Ithink) I No Its Small

    hi guys i have a new aquarium set up already for my mum its a clearseal 18,10,10 its small ino but i dnt want her overwelmed with the requirments of larger tanks just yet i order a internal filter with spray bar to cut the flow for a i no r gunna be small fish i would like a 3 species set up...
  9. L

    Is This Algae?

    Just want to know what these little leaves are and if it needs to be removed or not. My other tank I've had for years has never had this problem so am a bit cofused.
  10. B

    What Breed Is Your Dog?

    Hey everyone! Besides my fish I have other pets.  I have to say my favorite is my dog.  Although I love the others, there is something special about a dog.   My dog's name is Chewbaka Coco Puff.  We usually call him Coco.  He is a cinnamon brown Shih Tzu.  He is very lean and very tall, his...
  11. Squatchmen

    Any Large Fish (8-12 Inches) That Can Get Along With Smaller Fish (3-4

    Hey everyone, so I'm not stopping till I get a fish that can be housed in my 60gal aquarium with these other fish:   > Rams > Apistos > Killifish > Gouramis > Rainbowfish   I was really excited to get them, and would like to know if there is such a thing for SOME larger fish that can be in the...
  12. Elrohirthehasty

    Best Schoolers/shoal-Ers

    Which (small, community) fish form the tightest, most coherent schools/shoals? Opinions? Experience?
  13. A

    Looking For Fish Ideas For Small Tank

    Hi everyone. I am actually looking to replace the fish that I used to have in a small tank. (and I mean small)   There is a small 1.5g in my kitchen (my fiance's tank). It has no heater, but does get warmth from the window that it's under (not in front of, the window is above it). We had been...