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  1. S

    Rainbowfish is hurt?

    Our rainbowfish seems like his stomach has exploded or has gotten hurt, does anyone know what exactly happened and if it’s possible to save him?
  2. Unladylike

    Fish eggs?

    Can someone help me identify these eggs? We've only had our tank set up for 2 weeks. We've got a lot of live plants, including java moss and dwarf hair grass. We've got 5 glofish tetras, 5 turquoise rainbow fish, 2 panda gorras and 1 clown pleco. The eggs are on a piece of drift wood with Java...
  3. abegonzalez0221


    Hi, I have this really shy parrot fish and i’ve had her for almost a month now, she’s still really shy. She’s in my 55 with a few juvenile rainbows, they all get along fine. I was looking at her today and noticed she had a really small white marking on her fin (see picture below) but I’m really...
  4. pkenziep

    Boeseman's rainbowfish in 29g tank?

    I recently accepted to take in a collection of fish a friend told me about that someone was trying to get rid off because they got tired of them. I was told they were about two dozen small fish (tetras, guppies, corries, minnows), so I put them in a 29 gallon tank. What I was not expecting was...
  5. E

    Is this Boesmani female a hybrid?

    Is this female Boesmani a hybrid? The video doesn't do it justice, but she goes like completely dark blue when laying eggs.
  6. E

    A stocking question

    Just wondering if I could I add cherry barbs? Current stocking is: 6 otocinclus 5 duplicareus corys 7 bronze corys 6 neon dwarf rainbowfish Ph is 6.8/7.2 Water hardness is 13 degrees German but softened by tannins and Indian almond leaves. Tank is 101x41x50cm (about 55 gallons). Thanks!
  7. SteakNShrimp

    Rainbow Fish recommendations

    I’m not completely familiar with all the types/colors of Rainbow Fish, but I’d like a few in my 55g. Anyone know some nice looking Rainbow Fish that will grow to a max of 4-5 in? I want to get each one with a different color, so probably 5 different species...preferably that can be easily...
  8. E

    Rainbowfish Questions

    Hi guys (probably Byron lol), Just wanted to know whether I can keep just female Boesmani? My partner and I aren't a fan of the males, but we love the females. Also: Would it be advisable to keep a trio of female Boesmani, and then 1 male and 2 female Lucatris (Lake Kutubu, Blue, Turquoise)...
  9. E

    Rainbowfish ID help

    Anyone know what this is? Is it just a very green turquoise?
  10. E

    55 Gallon Rainbow Tank

    Hi guys, I'm going to be setting up a 55 gal soon, and wanted some suggestions on which rainbowfish I could get. Any suggestions? My water is hard so they seem the best choice! I've been looking at: Neon Dwarfs Turquoise Irian Reds Pseudomugil furcatus Pseudomugil luminatus Thanks!
  11. Hyr

    Gardens of the River - Aquascape - 30GAL

    Hi, I thought I might start an aquarium journal here. Yes, I know, this isn't necessarily an aquascaping forum, but, this forum has the most kind, helpful, wholehearted people, and I want to share with them something that they helped me work so hard on. This is my first aquarium over 10gal too...
  12. Hyr

    Okay! Final Stocking! Any errors?

    Hi, I know I've asked this question a lot of times, but I think I have finally decided on a stocking. If there are any errors, please tell me. Dimensions: 36in x 16in x 12in or a 30 gallon tank. pH: 7.3 Hardness: 3.0dkH BUT I will have an aquascape with Seiryu stone which is notorious for...
  13. L

    Spotted blue eye and forktail Rainbows

    Hello! New to the forum so forgive me if I do anything wrong posting wise. I have a 30 gallon tank and am so close to finishing a couple of stock ideas but I can't quite yet because I'm looking for top swimmers, I already have a few in mind but I've read conflicting info about the Rainbows. I...
  14. Doomchibi

    Rainbowfish with Spotted Pictus? Please!

    I have asked this question many times over the past maybe 5 years of my serious interest in fishkeeping. I have not once gotten more than a half-hearted "I guess." as a response. PLEASE! If anyone has any possible answer, experience, or knows of anyone who might I would very, very much...
  15. E

    Mixing Boesmani, Cichlids, Rainbow Shark, Petricola

    I'll soon be starting a new aquarium with a view to moving most of my current fish in, and, since falling in love with Petricola Catfish, i've started thinking about adding some African Cichlids as i hear they are ideal tankmates. My question is, can i mix my current fish with African Cichlids...
  16. thrujenseyes

    New Little Threadfin Rainbowfish

    So...I'd never made an impulse buy (on anything let alone fish ...I'm very calculated and like to research) until last Monday.   My local (well an hour away) aquarium store had just reopened in a new location which I went to check out.  Looks amazing by the way.   I walked past a beautiful tank...
  17. P

    Mysterious Fish Deaths! Can Anyone Help?

    ok well just suddenly my threadfin rainbow died, the day before he seemed perfectly healthy but i just got him 2 days ago from the lfs so maybe something was already wrong with him but either way i couldn't see anything wrong with him but the next day (today) i just noticed my spotted cory was...
  18. T

    Male Or Female Turquoise Rainbow?

    Hey everyone! :) I am new to these forums and am looking for some help. I am thinking about breeding rainbows. Well right now I have a turquoise rainbow fish and I  have been reading through a lot of websites about how to tell the gender of rainbows and I am pretty sure my turquoise is a male...
  19. P

    Tank Breakdown - Variety Of Fish For Sale / Offers

    We need to break up our freshwater tank so have a variety of fish needing a new home.   Offers welcome. Flexible on prices - most important thing is to get them to a good home.   Collection, or may be able to meet midway if you're not too far away. We're in Forest of Dean, near Chepstow.   If...
  20. Doomchibi

    Possible Tankmates For Leopard Ctenopoma And Rainbow Shark?

    I have a 1.5" rainbow shark and a 1" leopard ctenopoma (leopard gourami), and I am trying to plan out future tankmates for them. They are currently in a 20g long aquarium for the time being until my living situation is settled, and then they will be moved into as big a tank as I can reasonably...