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  1. ella777

    Extremely fat cardinal tetra

    One of my cardinal tetras is extremely fat. I dont know if its pregnant or just very fat. I fed them today (bloodworms, granules and flakes) He looks like he might explode. 3 of them look fat but none as big as him. The fatter ones seem to be breathing quite quickly as well. I attached a...
  2. Ava

    Mosquito Fish Pregnancy Emergency??

    I’ve had two mosquito fish for quite some time now, and the female has been very heavily pregnant for about 2 months now. Is this normal? If not what should I do? She isn’t acting sick or lethargic or anything, she’s very healthy, i’m just worried because she’s been that size in the picture...
  3. F

    New to the hobby and looking for advice

    Hi! I have always had a love for aquariums since childhood. My family kept a big one in our living room (150 gallons I think don’t quote me lol) I now have 2 aquariums myself but I’m still relatively new to caring for my fish on my own (thanks COVID 19 😂) everything has been going well but I now...
  4. SableTheWolf

    Is my platy pregnant?

    Hey, I bought 3 sunburst to add to my communal tank. After a few months, one of them started to get a belly and the other 2 chased it around. I looked into sexing them, and I think the big one is a fmale and the two others are male based off their anal fins. But I dont see a gravid spot? She is...
  5. Missjane1995

    Is my ember tetra pregnant

    Hello Everyone! Im new here. I've had my fish for quite a few months now and they've all been doing fine. I watch them daily so usually notice anything thats off or strange behaviour. One out of my six ember tetras has a little bulge under them and seems to be at the tops breathing radically...
  6. E

    Pregnant mollies

    Hey guys 2 of our fish seem to be pregnant, would you say so? We only noticed this on Saturday so are unsure as to how long they have been pregnant for. The guys in pets at home advised we keep them in this cage until they give birth and then move them back into the tank and leave the babies...
  7. G

    Here is the video! Is she pregnant

    Is she pregnant? I’m posting the video for people.
  8. R

    Why isn't my platy giving birth?

    Hi there, First time having a pregnant platy. She has been pregnant over a month and a half, it's becoming an on going joke of when she's going to give birth! Tested waters and it's fine other than the Ph maybe being a little low on 6.5, could that be it? She's in her own tank now 30L
  9. carligraceee


    PLEASE ANSWER QUICK- is my platy ready to give birth? i had her in a breeder but she seemed really stressed so i let her back out. she’s active but the male follows her around and pokes at her butt. PLEASE ANSWER! i want to save as many babies as possible! she also had a white pimple thing on...
  10. R

    Is my Mickey Mouse Platy Pregnant?

    I was looking at my fish today and felt like it’s stomach looks like it’s big and need to know if I’m going to need to watch out for babies so I can separate them when they’re born so they don’t get eaten. I’m wondering if anyone is able to tell! Thank you for your help!
  11. Brad G

    Pregnant Gold Dust Molly?

    Hi all, I was wondering if you would think my Gold dust Molly is pregnant or not. I got her a couple weeks ago and I do have a single Dalmatian Molly that is always trying to get with the females. She also has a white spot where I’d guess Cloaca would be. Here are some photos of her.
  12. lazarusthefishboy10

    HELP!!! Is my Swordtail pregnant or does it have dropsy?

    Hello, everyone! I just recently got a male and two female Swordtail two days a go. Yesterday one of the females was fine! But when I woke up this morning it suddenly had a huge belly! I'm afraid it's dropsy, and i don't want the swordtail to die! HELP! And please tell if it is and how to cure it.
  13. C

    Is my Swordtail pregnant If so how long until she gives birth?

    Hey everyone! I am new to having my own tropical fish tank. So I am not sure If my swordtail is pregnant and if so how long until she will give birth? What should I do if she does give birth? This was an unexpected pregnancy so I do not have a breeding box I have a 60-litre tank. Any help would...
  14. S


    Hi Guys :) Slightly concerned about my Platy. I’ve had her for a good two years now, and she seems fine at the moment, but have noticed her belly has recently gotten ‘bigger’. I moved her into my 200 litre tank 3 days ago. Her eating and swimming habits haven’t changed and her scales and gills...
  15. M

    Pregnant Molly. Help?

    One of the black mollies my LFS sold me was pregnant. I have no interest in keeping or raising fry and would like advice on what to do. The pregnant fish is also bullying every other fish in the tank, chasing them all over the place (no actual injury done yet, though sometimes it looks like...
  16. M

    Is My Platty Pregnant?

    I got a platty from the Lfs the other day I just noticed yesterday a lil black spot by Her female area, she poops fine,eats a lot and is very plump could she be pregnant. I also noticed she stays to herself I have a panda Molly who seems to be following her as if protecting her and she's also a...
  17. ranish

    Confused With New Balloon Mollies

    Got a couple of mollies but have no idea if they are going to drop fry. They are very confusing because they look big in the first place. Previous owner said that some may be pregnant. Please help. Any help welcome. I have attached some pics as well. Thanks
  18. ranish

    Is My Balloon Molly Pregnant? If Do When Will She Drop Her Fry?

    Got a balloon Molly yesterday with a tank that I brought and previous owner told me that she is pregnant. I am confused as it is so hard to tell with balloon mollies. Please have a look and tell me what you think. If she is pregnant how soon do you think she will drop? Thanks in advance below...
  19. RCA

    Worms, Tumor Or Pregnant?

    Can anyone give me any indication of what is wrong with this fish (WCMM)?  It originally started looking like it had swallowed a "figure 8", but with the 8 sideways on.  Now it looks even larger but not sure what it is?  She eats fine and seems well other than getting larger with whatever is...
  20. Y

    When Will Neon Swordtails Give Birth?

    Hi, I have two neon swordtails and they are both pregnant. They have been pregnant for two weeks and I don't have a clue when they will give birth. I want to know when they will give birth so can put them in a breeder trap. I dont see them getting any bigger or any signs of giving birth. Does...