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  1. R

    Goldfish - Help

    Hello guys! I hope you are doing well I have a really serious issue with my goldfish. I recently purchased these fish from someone who was having a pond clear out and decided to buy some of his goldfish for my 400L aquarium. After 1 day, I could see that the fish were not behaving normally...
  2. April_ht

    Building A 200 Gallon Pond

    Today, I spent the day digging a pond after finding an old pool liner and having the great idea of adding a water feature to my greenhouse...I figured, what's the worst that could happen? At least I'm not wasting my money if things don't go to plan. Anyways, after a long couple hours, I...
  3. I Like Rare Fish

    Pond Building and Growout

    Hi everyone, I’m building a pond. It will be roughly 13’x7’x3.5’, giving me 2,385 gallons to work with, however, it will most likely be closer to 2,000 because of the fact that the measurements are not exact. The pond will be made out of pond liner, as cement, wooden frame, and other methods I...
  4. April_ht

    How to Catch Koi in a Pond?

    My koi fry have reached the age and size where they are able to be moved to my mud pond with a capacity of around 50,000 litres (is this able to hold 10-15 full-grown koi? No filtration, but planted with lillies and other plants and frequent rainfall with an average of around 200ml/month)...
  5. ember04

    Pond cycling results early

    Hi all its been a while since I was last on this forum but I have a question: so I have set up a 155 gallon or about 550 litres raised pond. it is planted with various reeds, water weeds and pong lilies. it has been cycled for about 3 weeks now. I just went out to test the water and the...
  6. BSVKilbey


    Hi all, My Fluval Chi is now cleaned and ready for water! Question.... I know tap water is full of chemicals, however, is there a way to make the water fish friendly without countering the chemicals by adding chemicals? Alternative - I live about 30 seconds away from a natural spring, it is...
  7. ember04

    Common or comet goldfish in pond, how many?

    Hi there as you may of see from a few other threads of mine, I am starting a 140 gallon 525-litre pond with the dimensions of 150 wide, 70 deep and 50 heigh (cm) this pond will be insulated and heated over winter I am going to get a few common or commit goldfish (not together) my question is how...
  8. ember04

    Pond heaters

    Can anyone recommend a good heater for a patio pond? I have a 68-gallon pond and need a heater that can go outside and keep the water at about 15 degrees celsius all year round ember04
  9. ember04

    patio pond stocking

    Hi everyone any pond people here I am setting up a 68-gallon patio pond, I was wondering what people think I should stock it with. I live in a cold climate and in winter it can get down to 0 degrees celsius. I am going to add a pond heater and a pond filter. I will also add some pond plants...
  10. GobyMaster11276

    Plant suggestions for low-light outdoor pond

    Title says most of it. I have a 300l goldfish pond, lightly stocked (3 fish) and under shade most of the time. The water is quite cold due to its outdoor setting and lack of heating, so I need plants that will withstand and thrive in these conditions. What species would work?
  11. GobyMaster11276

    Pond filter recommendations

    Hi all, The impeller of my (admittedly not amazing) pond filter went during routine maintenance yesterday and I am in need of a replacement. Since I cannot remember the model or brand of my current one (having bought it years ago secondhand), I am looking for something new to help keep the...
  12. 3

    How to cycle a pond?

    Just today finished the pond. It is around 4000/5000 litres (1000 gallons). I am using the oase bio smart 14000. It will have goldfish in. Just wondering how to cycle it. I am going to add liquid beneficial bacteria. Any tips appreciated
  13. Quin

    Help with pond stocking?

    I'm cleaning up my grandpa's pond as a side project to get myself out of the house during quarantine. Once it's cleaned up we are considering stocking it, but I'd like to find what will work there before proposing anything to him. Separated list for easier read. -pond is not circular. It has 5...
  14. D

    Koi with swim bladder

    hello, my dad pointed out to me that his koi is swimming upside down, and i noticed it has swim bladder. I have fed him some peas and added in some pond bacteria medication, but is there anything else I can do for it? All help is appreciated as I'm new to swim bladder issues and definitely ill...
  15. vikinglord13

    New Aquagarden Mini Pond Kit from Aquascape!

    Hey guys, I figured some of you might like the new Aquagarden from Aquascape. I just uploaded an unboxing video of it. Enjoy!
  16. Ama

    Video Why my gold fish behaving like this?

    I noticed my comet goldfish is often trying to climb and come out from my pond. Why this behaviour happening. Pond water capacity is around 500 litre and guppies and platies are companions) sorry for the unclear screenshot, i couldn't upload the video... I
  17. AquariumFishRescue

    Hello from Staffordshire in the UK.

    Hello, my name is John. I have been in the fishkeeping hobby since the 1980's, but have had a period of 'away' time. My wife and I set ourselves back up into the hobby earlier this year (2018), and currently have 4 aquariums. We are looking to add a large garden pond this year and at some...
  18. E

    Need Help Identifying Fish

    Hello to Everyone - I just got back into keeping a freshwater aquarium. I wanted my boys to see some of the fish that were living in a small pond on the property that we just moved to. I identified the mosquito fish without issue but there are another type that look like some kind of cichlid...
  19. fishlover22346

    Possible Guppy hybrids?

    Hello all! I would like to figure some things out involving these weird Guppy hybrids I caught in a pond. My first question is there any chance, even the slightest chance of a platy or mosquitofish hybridizing with a guppy? if so, do you have any pictures? The pond I got these hybrids from only...
  20. fishlover22346

    Is this a wild molly?

    hello guys, I was netting fish for my aquarium at this pond, since it has fish like various cichlids, and mosquito fish. I thought the only livebearing fish in this pond was a mosquito fish, but I caught a fish that somewhat looks like a wild molly. can anyone tell me what this livebearer is...