1. BComplex

    Need Some Plant Suggestions For My New Betta Tank!

    Hello I just picked up a 5 gallon tank for my little Betta, Sinatra. I need some help with plants! Some pictures of Sinatra and his soon to be new home.
  2. justin85

    Plant Selection - What Would You Do ?

    Hi all, I am in the process of setting up a 60L planted tank and would like to get your advice on what plants you would pick in the selected area's in the photo below. The tank will be high tech setup with custom made LED lights (by Ps3Steveo) pressurised Co2 and ferts (depending on the plant...
  3. David J

    Wood & Plants - Before, During Or After Fish Less Cycle?

    Hi Today I put sand in the base of my new tank attached the filter and heater and filled it with dechlorinated water. I am now leaving it to let the sand settle. I have 2 pieces of bogwood that I bought today and they are soaking in a bucket. I am waiting on a test kit which should arrive in...
  4. David J

    Help For A Nervous Newbie

    Hi I have just taken delivery of my first tropical aquarium, a Fluval Roma 90L. i have spent a few weeks reading up on fish and have a fair idea what stock i want but now need to gravel/sand, decoration and plants. FYI, these are the fish I'm hoping to add. Neon tetras, dwarf gourami...
  5. K

    What Foreground Plants Should I Get?

    I just got a new 5 gallon tank, dimensions are 11 x 13 x 15 inches. I was wondering what would be a good (common) carpeting or foreground plant? Also any suggestions for other plants I could add. Here's a photo of the tank layout so far.