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  1. E

    My first aquarium ever - guppys

    Hi, My name is Erin. This is my first aquarium. It is a 15 gallon fluval flex, purchase for my son for Christmas (but I am obsessed with it too!). We wanted live plants so we have 2 anubias, a lace fern, a java fern, and two other plants. We started with 8 guppies, but unfortunately 4 have...
  2. S

    Male Platy is hiding from the rest of his tank mates

    I have a total of 9 plattys, 2 males and 7 females. The one male is blue and the other is orange and both seem to not like being around the females and other fish in the tank. The blue is newer than the orange and when I first got the orange he stayed away from the rest of the group and now he...
  3. T

    Lots of Aquatic Plant Questions

    Hi, I'm planning to start my first planted aquarium but I have alot of questions even after doing a week of research. I wanna make sure to do this right, so if anyone could answer some of these questions that would be great! 1. What hardy beginner plants can I tie on wood and rocks? Is there...
  4. F

    What is the name of this sucker fish?

    I introduced fishes to my planted aquarium yesterday. I waited one week after planting some carpet and other plants to introduce fishes into it. I bought 4 neon tetras, 2 gourami, 2 flat white tetras, 2 orange tetra, 4 moulii and two algae eaters. These algae eaters were 3 and 4 cm in length...
  5. A

    Is It Bad To Dose Before I Turn Off Lights?

    I have a 10 Gallon planted aquarium with anubias barteri, unknown anubias, unknown sword, jungle vallisneria, and ludwigia repens. I dose Seachem Iron, Flourish, and Flourish Excel on a basic schedule. Sometimes I forget to dose them in the morning and sometimes I remember but not until i'm...
  6. S

    Unexpected death of my tetras

    Yesterday one of my tetra died and today another died. I have a 10 gallon tank with live plants(amazon sword, java fern and a plant that resembles cryptocotyne a littlebit) and driftwood. There are 5 pond snail's in it as well. Two days before I got 5 cardinal tetras and 2 guppies for my...
  7. S

    I want a betta

    Hi I recently built a tank which is only a week old. I cycled the tank with bacteria in a bottle and fish food flakes and I added 5 cardinal tetras and 2 guppies in my 10 gallon tank. I have driftwood and a stone along with 7 Amazon sword stems, a java fern and a species of plant that somewhat...
  8. S

    transparent slime on my driftwood

    i have a new planted 10g tank and my driftwood is picking up a transparent layer of sluggish substance which is covering most of my driftwood and it is slimy. is it normal? if it is not normal, what should i do to treat it? help me please. PS: its a new tank and im currently cycling it without...
  9. Peepss

    1 Month Transformation

    Just super happy with the way this turned out and has grown into itself. 1st day - 1 Month (plus a couple additions in the front). I use the Fluval Aquasky light & adjust its location throughout the day. This is a 60 gallon tank.
  10. D

    Betta sorority

    Morning Folks! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been flirting with the idea of turning my fluval flex 15 tank into a betta sorority. Currently I only have one betta smaragdina female in the planted black water tank. Here are my concerns, I’m not entirely sure what stocking rate would be suitable...
  11. E

    Best CO2 system for about £100?

    Title. Hi guys, wanted to know if there are any decent CO2 systems that are relatively easy to just hook up to a tank and go. never used anything other than a tropica 60 system before so an all-in-one system would be preferred. Cheers!
  12. D

    Shrimp Problems

    I am new to the fish tank hobby. i started about 3 months ago. i have a 40 gallon planted tank i have 4 very big amazon swords, java moss, some fern looking plants, water lettuce, frogbit, some duck weed, and a few other plants i don't remember. As for fish i have a male powder blue gourami, 2...
  13. A

    Moving Pregnant Cherry Shrimp

    Hi everybody, A couple of days ago I found out that one of my female berried cherry shrimp is pregnant. This is my first time experiencing this so I have a few questions. 1. I have a heavily planted tank, with five guppies (who are very curious about the shrimp and usually scavenge for food down...
  14. A

    How to clean substrate in planted aquariums?

    Hi, I've recently brought a 40 litre, already planted fish tank off gumtree (Australian buy and sell website, kinda like eBay only more local). It is a very heavily planted fish tank, that has 5 guppies (all male) and 1 fry (also a guppy) and is also infested with tiny snails (yikes I know, but...
  15. R

    Tank ideas

    I currently have a 72 gallon bowfront aquarium that I want to stock, but I'm not sure what to put in it. I was hoping to do a large school of neon tetras or another small fish, but my sister is hellbent on getting two angelfish to put in it. This ruins my plans for a large school of small fish...
  16. N

    Overstocked 10 gallon?

    Hi there, After 23 days of fishless cycling my 10 gallon finally could process 3ppms of ammonia in 24 hours with zero nitrates. Since then I've rescaped (twice!!!) And finally stocked my tank. I put 4 panda corys, one large zebra nerite, one small tiger nerite, and my male koi half moon betta I...
  17. N

    New 10 gal--seeking cycle advice!

    Hi there! Please read the entire post to get necessary info to help you answer my questions! Thank you! I currently have 2 cycled 5 gallons housing one Betta and 3 ghost shrimp each. I successfully did a fish-in cycle in both (luckily) but with my second Betta the nitrite level stressed him...
  18. N

    Betta tail rot--proper treatment??

    Hi there! I'm new to this forum as well as being a new fishy caregiver!! I recently got a male veiltail about a month back named nugget. He is in a 5gallon planted tank with standard gravel, driftwood, 3 ghost shrimps, and some moss balls (will post pictures). About 2 weeks after I got him I...
  19. Fiji

    Possible Copper Poisoning?

    Hey everyone, So I've recently gone back to live plants but cannot afford a co2 system at the moment so I've been using Seachem Excel as a supplement. Now ever since I started using this fertilizer some strange things have been happening and the only factor I can connect this behavior to could...
  20. BettaPonic

    My Tanks

    I keep Least Killifish and Guppies. The plant is Guppy Grass. The tree looking thing is red mangroves. I thought I would share them.