nerite snail

  1. K

    Nerite snail dying??

    i am new to snails. I have 6 nerite snails in my tank with Livebearers because I heard they are best for NOT reproducing. One of my snails was upside down as I often find them, I flipped it over & it still has not moved in over 1 day. I can see it is not attached to the bottom of the tank. I...
  2. Annemarie

    Betta fin rot

    Hello! So I went away for a while on a trip and while I was gone my sister seems to have forgotten that fish aren’t just toys and completely avoided doing any water changes. I did a major one immediately once I got home (3 gallon tank with nerite snail) and noticed some black on his fins. Now...
  3. A

    Snail Is Alive But Hasn't Moved In 6 Days

    I recently bought 2 nerite snails and both of them are in an almost cycled 3.5g tank with a betta. I dont have a heater but I'll get one soon. The temperature is at 72. One of the snails moves and eats on algae from another tank. The other one doesn't do anything but he is alive because I...
  4. A

    Can My Nerite Snail Regrow Its Shell?

    I got a nerite from my lfs and I realized his shell is broken at the back tip. I can see his insides and I'm wondering if this has any negative effect on him. The tank is fully cycled and I need to buffer the water a bit because it's at a 6.7ph and I also put some cuttle bone to help with calcium.
  5. N

    Overstocked 10 gallon?

    Hi there, After 23 days of fishless cycling my 10 gallon finally could process 3ppms of ammonia in 24 hours with zero nitrates. Since then I've rescaped (twice!!!) And finally stocked my tank. I put 4 panda corys, one large zebra nerite, one small tiger nerite, and my male koi half moon betta I...
  6. P

    My Betta tank

    This is a photo of my Betta tank I've been cycling for a few weeks. The Betta and horned nerite snails will be shipped on Monday!! I'm so nervous because I've never shipped fish before
  7. Sege

    Any More Fish for a 10 Gallon?

    Hi :) I'm new to the aquarium hobby and I recently refurbished a 10 gallon tank that I bought at a garage sale, (no leaks, thankfully :yahoo:) I have researched a lot of different fish, and I came across AqAdvisor, I tried it out, and people are right that website really helps with stocking...
  8. Wreckzone

    Nerite snail shell deteriorating

    Hi everyone, I have a planted 6 gallon fluval edge with 3 inhabitants - 1 neon, 1 ghost shrimp, and 1 zebra snail. I have been neglecting my nerite snail's shell for as long as I've had her (about 5 years) and it's to the point that I think her shell may break in half. Please look at the...
  9. H

    nerite snail dying?

    I've had a nerite for three or four months now, and a few days ago I found it upside down on the bottom of the tank. I gave it a sniff, it was alive. Anyways, I placed it on top of a decoration a few days ago, and it hasn't moved since then. I pulled it out of the tank today. It smells more...
  10. H

    New Tank Mate(S)?

    As I type this one of my beloved guppies is dying. I bought the poor guy and an adult and he was in pretty rough shape. I'm surprised he made it 8 months in my tank.   My plan right now is to fill his place with another male guppy, but I was wondering if there would be any other good tank mates...
  11. cowgirluntamed

    Abnormal Nerite Snail Behavior

    Ok...for those that have been following some of my latest posts...i now have another dilemma. For those that haven't followed, I will briefly recap. 5.5 gallon betta tank at the time with one betta and 3 nerite snails. Planted. I dealt with cyanobacteria. I used the ultra life blue green slime...