1. S

    I think 2 of my day old guppy fry may be chimera.

    This sounds silly but I'm not only new to guppy breeding but I also cannot think up another explanation. Thanks for your time! (I'll get more photos in a bit as I am busy today)
  2. E

    Is this guppy male or female?

    I'm new to tropical fishkeeping! Recently added some guppies to my tank which I were told were male but I am starting to think the black one is female? Mainly because lack of colour, shorter tail and rounder body compared to the others. Just wondered if anyone could clarify through the photos...
  3. S

    How to raise GH without PH getting too alkaline.

    I'm keeping livebearers: platy, molly, guppies. The platy and guppy do ok, but the molly's always have issues. I lose fish every now and again to common livebearer diseases. My tank parameters have always been good. I use an Api kit. Ammonia: 0, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: 5-10, Ph 7.8, temp 78. Water...
  4. K

    Baby fry...need advice!

    Hi all! My mickey mouse platy has birthed her fry this morning. I could probably see around 15 to 20 fry in the birthing net, and wasn't sure she was done yet. I've come to check on her progress and I think I only see about 10 maybe less? So I was worried she was eating them so I've popped her...
  5. GuppyFanaticxd

    Hi, new user here -- One of my guppies disappeared without a trace

    Hello, new user here so apologies if I am in the wrong area. I have also recently started to take care of guppies, as I've heard they are one of the easier fish to take care of as a beginner.I own an all male guppy tank (10 gallons and established), with 3 cobra and 3 fancy guppies. I've had...
  6. brokenoob!

    Molly not giving Birth after 5.5 weeks?

    Hey everybody! I've had my Molly Pearl for a while now, she gave birth to her first brood (with me anyways) about 2 months ago, delivery was quick and she returned to being a happy little fish! 2-3 Weeks after the first pregnancy I noticed she was getting bigger again--That was 5 1/2 weeks ago...
  7. Barry Tetra

    My new swordtail

    Hello TFF, My friend just give me this swordtail, He is over 3.8 inches long. (Cant see well from a picture)
  8. Kamdavid

    Questions on Mollies

    Hello everyone, had some questions on my Mollies... Started a tank about a month ago now. Currently I have one male and two female mollies. I had one other male, which ended up not making it. I did see him a couple times try to breed with one of the females. But like I said he passed on.. The...
  9. S

    SICK platy fish - please help identify the sickness!

    Hello, Can anyone recognise which sickness is hurting my platy tank? I have an idea, but I am not sure. Basically out of the blue (no new fish added, no change in diet, but doing weekly water changes), quite a few of my platies started having light patches on their bodies -at first i thought it...
  10. T

    Guppy? Endler? Other? Help...!

    So a few months ago I went to a local fish store to pick out a guppy. They had a nice variety of colors and patterns on males, so i bought one, but didnt notice a tiny "guppy" fry that came along in the bag. A few months later... he's not matching the shape, size, or colors available I have...
  11. D

    New to livebearers, is she fat or holding fry?

    So I got these cuties about 2 months ago along with 2 others. About month ago the Mickey mouse platy plumped up. I thought the one on the bottom was also female until he started getting the sword on his tail. I'm new to livebearers so I'm unsure if my mickey mouse platy is just eating well or if...
  12. Selina Dionne Slotter

    Molly pregnant?

    I’m not 100% sure but I think my molly is pregnant? I’m not sure because she doesnt look huge but she does look bigger than the other fish did at the pet store (which is why I got her, I thought she was cute but now I’m nervous lol) and her belly is kind of squared off I think? I’ve had her...
  13. O

    Female Endler's dying?

    Hi! I have had a breeding tank for my endlers livebearers up and running for about 3 months now, and began with only two male black bar endlers. Recently I added two male cobras and one male and two female yellow japan endlers to my tank. However, the females seem to be getting killed every...
  14. 7

    Guppies not getting pregnant!!

    I've had these guppies for about 2 months now and nothing is happening. I monitor my 2 females and they both look like they've been getting bigger but there is absolutely no visible gravid spot. I'm not overfeeding as my males look perfectly healthy. It's a tad bit orange/red on the backside but...
  15. O

    Platy Fry Question!

    Hi! I recently bought 1 platy for my community tank (pet store only had one platy remaining). I bought her home and put her in the tank, the next day I realised she looked quite fat and googled how to tell if she was preg, she was. I put her in a breeding box that floats in the tank and left...
  16. BettaPonic


    I am wondering the care of fish in this genus. I am thinking of using the fish in a 29 gallon aquarium. How hard would it be to breed them? I would be capturing a few from a local pond.
  17. M

    Sick Livebearer

    i have a livebearer that has become swollen and his scales are sticking up. He has been sick like this for a few days. He still comes up and eats food, but usually stays at the bottom, other than that he doesn't show any odd behavior. I shined a flashlight on him and didn't see any specs or...
  18. Chris1075

    Male Swordtails

    Looking to improve my male swordtails environment. I have three males and no females. I wasn't informed at the time of purchase about males needing females. I wasn't looking to bread and thought that three males would be a good addition to my aquarium. Now reading about them I find that I...
  19. fishoholic

    Black Bar Endlers. Fry. Pure bred x20

    Livestock: Black Bar Endlers. Fry. Pure bred Quantity for sale: Many Reason for Sale: Spread the genes Delivery or Collection: Collection Sales price: £20 for 20 (unsexed) Fry Postage & Packaging: N/A, Collection only Location: St Albans, Hertfordshire Black Bar Endlers. Pure bred, never mixed...
  20. F

    New Silver Mollies

    Hey everyone! I just thought I'd create a log to show the breeding of mollies and the community interactions in my 20 gallon aquarium.  I recently added 6 silver mollies to the bunch so now the tank is stocked as follows:  1 male skirt tetra, 1 female skirt tetra, 1 bleeding heart tetra, 3...