1. MissyKay

    What is this?

    Hi, I am new to this site. Even though I have kept fish for several years now, I am still very much an ameture on the subject. We got this "shark" for my daughter under the assumption it wouldn't get big and be freshwater. Now I am not sure. Can you please help me identify this fish? I am...
  2. E

    Need Help Identifying Fish

    Hello to Everyone - I just got back into keeping a freshwater aquarium. I wanted my boys to see some of the fish that were living in a small pond on the property that we just moved to. I identified the mosquito fish without issue but there are another type that look like some kind of cichlid...
  3. B

    Help! What's This Thing On My Betta?

    I've had my Halfmoon Betta, Angel, for about 2 months. I noticed this weird growth(?) on him this morning and I've been super worried about it. Can anybody help me identify it? I keep his water between 78 - 85 degrees. I change it and condition it every week. He's fed twice a day (Aqueon Betta...
  4. D

    In desperate need of help.

    10 gallon tank 1 African dwarf frog (fine) 1 Japanese shrimp (fine) 2 assassin snails (fine, and ill explain why I have them shortly) 6 serpae (blood) tetras Had the tank neatly a year (no manor problems). I got these bread things to help control nitrates/nitrites. Water specs are good (last i...
  5. bytez


    i ask for a mystery snail and this one was given to me.. i havent introduce this to my aquarium because im afraid it looks like an apple snail and i dont want it to eat my plants which i just recently planted.. like 2 hours ago.. could anuone please help me.. this is about 3-5 inches snail
  6. entefan_li

    Can someone help me identify my blue bettas gender?

    I have this beautiful betta fish. Can someone help me identify the gender? -Thanx
  7. PrachiGupta

    Identify The Fish Please! Urgent

    Hi 2 months back i was given a bowl around 12 inches with 5g of waters with 2 blue fishes and 2 mollies. Lately i am been fascinated with this hobby and want to go for a bigger tank like 30g. As a beginner i found these blue fishes really cute and active. So wanto have a school of them. So...
  8. C

    Fish Identification

    Anyone know what kind of fish this is?? I saw it at a petco and no one knew what it was. They kept trying to tell me it was black louch.....which it clarly is not.... It has been driving me crazy trying to figure out what it was. Thanks
  9. A

    Cichlid Identification

    Hi, can you help identify the ciclid below?   and this fish as well...not sure of category       Thanks!
  10. PlecostomusPerson

    Need To Identify This Fish

    I recently bought a fish from a very large aquatic store I might add, and they literally had no clue what this fish was. It was with the kribensis tank. This was the only one and they gave it to me practically for free, $5. They said it was because they didn't know. Anyways I also want to say I...
  11. crunch7

    Help Needed To Save My Socolofi

    Hi all,   I found that my Socolofi had developed a red spot a week earlier. Despite doing water change and treating the fish with salt the red spot is increasing and now the fin is tearing apart. I have separated the fish however I dont know what to do. Please help me identify and cure this...
  12. obroadie

    Please Help Identify. Is This A Shrimp, Crayfish Or Lobster?

    Hi Everyone,   This is my first post. Today I foolishly, on impulse, bought two gorgeous little things from the guppy seller at our local market here in Thailand. I would normally do some research beforehand but in over 10 year this was the first time I saw them and got excited. My two year old...
  13. B

    Please Identify My Fish

    I picked this fish up from a local fish store because i though it was very cool but i have no idea what type of fish it is....  i want to make sure it doesn't need any special requirements.  currently i'm not too happy with my water parameters but he seems to be doing fine so far.  He has been...
  14. Cdb1992

    What Are You?

    What is this fishes common name? I have 2 and they like to hang around my tiger barbs and the barbs never pick on them?