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  1. C

    Fish Identification

    Hello,   A buddy of mine is moving to a new apartment and is giving me his 2 fish. He has no idea what kind of fish they are because he got them as a gift. If someone can please identify them it will help me out a lot.   Thank you. 
  2. RCA

    Cory Expert - Can You Help Identify This Cory...?

    There is a picture of the fish in question as per the link below.  My comment was...   Corydoras adolfoi also known as the Adolfo's Cory is one of my favourite Cory.  Mine does not appear to have the orange on the snout, only behind the black band and when I have looked at pics of this Cory...
  3. F

    Not Sure What Type And If It's Bad..?

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, and was pleased to see that there is a section dedicated to algae identification. I have had my tank for about four and a half months now. I do not have any live plants, just plastic for now. I have 10 fish, do regular water changes, and test my water. Im...
  4. vanny

    Please Id :d

    I just saw this slug like snail with no shell in my aquarium today. no sure what it is, its not afraid of the hermits and was sucking on the rock when I saw it today. I am pretty sure I did not add it to my tank which has been up for 5 months now (and the only snail I have is a nassarius snail...