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  1. V

    Identifying what this is

    (Sorry if it's bad quality, there's algae on the walls. But that's not the main point I want to discuss.) There is this brown ball floating in my fish tank. It's not sitting on the decor; it's floating in the middle of the water. I have no idea what it is. The last time I added anything new to...
  2. F

    What type of tetra is this?

    I can’t seem to Id this type of tetra. Is it a color variation of an ember tetra? It has the fin structure of an ember or a glow light yet a line in it like an emperor. Really cool fish just want to know more! It’s pretty hard to get a clear picture haha
  3. J

    Freshwater Catfish ID

    I recently bought a small catfish from Petsmart that was mistakenly put in with the otocinclus. I have no idea what it is even after searching through google. It mostly hides until the food comes out. It’s a voracious eater and has already grown a good amount. Any help would be greatly...
  4. danajs

    Can anyone identify this Pleco?

    Sold as a Tiger Pleco, but we cannot remember the L-number. Thank you in advance.
  5. B

    Beige see-through spots on plants (pics)

    Hello all! I hope you’re well! I’m currently after some answers as I can’t find them anywhere, I’ve had my planted tropical aquarium roughly 4 months, and yesterday I noticed what appeared to be these see through beige spots on two of my live plants and my seachem ammonia checker which is on the...
  6. Z

    Whos eggs are these?

    Spotted these eggs on my driftwood today. Not trying to breed any fish so I definitely don’t know which species they belong to. In my tank I’ve got: -corydoras -espii / lambchop rasboras -siamese algae eaters -a few ‘pest snails’ If anyone can id them that’d be amazing!
  7. T

    Please help me identify this fish

    I recently got these fish being told they are silver dollars I have asked around and had so many different answers (pacu, red belly piranha and silver dollar) any idea I can’t put them in my tank if they are pacu or piranha
  8. crupp29

    Fish ID

    Does anyone know the name of this fish?
  9. S

    ID BICHIR? PLS? :(:

    Anyone knows what type of Bichir this 2.5 inch baby is? Have had it for like 3-4 weeks now
  10. outofwater

    Plant ID, all long filaments

    Hi everyone, When I was setting up my tank I saw this floating plant at the LFS and liked how it looked. The guy couldn't tell me what it was. It came with a fake plastic ludwigia that works as an "anchor" for it. I'd like to know what it is, I actually haven't seen it in any of the "big...
  11. Linkandnavi

    Rock ID

    Anyone know the more common name for this type of rock? The site is Austrian so I'm not sure if something is being lost in translation. It calls them "sand drawing rock", but a Google for that doesn't come up with anything that I can...
  12. A

    Mystery snail

    Hi! So I've just noticed a snail In my tank. I think it's come in from se new plants I've just put in there. I have zebra snails but I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me which type of snail this is? Is it okay to keep in my tank?
  13. G

    Fish Injury Identification

    Hello, I have a 29g tank with cardinal tetras, two honey gourami (one red), 5 pygmy corys, a clown pleco, shrimp and assassin snails. I have a gravel bottom, driftwood, and a mix of live & fake plants and two fake logs, one floating. Something happened to one of my gourami within the last 20...
  14. sgropp311

    Please help me ID this betta

    Hi, I'm having trouble determining the tail type and coloring of this female betta, can someone help out? The first two pics are older, the other is from today.
  15. S

    Identification needed pls

    need help to identify this fish please...
  16. S

    Help identify new guy in my tank!

    I bought some live plants to add to my tank (cold water) and I thought I noticed something after putting I’ve plants in. Nothing appears bothered by this guys entrance however as I’m pretty new to fish keeping I wasn’t sure whether best leave it, or remove it. Please help I was wondering if it...
  17. R84achey

    Before I kill off my fish Is this wood safe?

    I have these pieces of wood that were used in my spider tank and I’m wondering if it’s safe to use in my aquarium. I have a feeling the one at the front isn’t as it’s very light and feels and possibly porous. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I know it will need to be thoroughly cleaned...
  18. Froggieboy

    Goby-ish fish identification

    At the petstore I work at. We accidentally got this fish with an order! Now we have searched a couple times. But it seems we cant identify it. So please help! See pictures ;)
  19. ellamay

    Things growing on wood.. identification?

    I’ve noticed two different things growing on the spider wood in my tank. These little black dots and the light colour stringy bits. I do have black sand which I initially assumed the black bits were but they look slightly smaller and darker than the sand. A lot of it is attached all around the...
  20. Y

    Catfish ID anyone?

    Hey all, I just set up my first tank since I was a kid, and finally added fish yesterday. The pet store clerk sold me what they said are julii cats, but I’m pretty sure that’s wrong. Can anyone help me identify these guys? Very elusive, but active, likes to hide in cracks and under stuff, swims...