1. Guyb93

    What kind of geophagus are these ?

    My last tank additions didn’t go so well so I’m looking at a pair of geophagus, that’s all they are labelled in the shop , I know there are many different types of geophagus but I can’t seem to figure out what type these are , any help is great
  2. L

    What species is this Cory?

    So I grabbed the last 3 of them from the LFS. And they were obviously not albinos though labeled as such the worker at the time sold them to me as albinos since he did not know what they were. This was a couple of years ago and 2 have died I want to get him a group but have not seen any like him...
  3. M

    ID please and suggestions

    Good day. I have this brown stuff- algae? Debris? on most of my plants and inside my canister filter and tubing. Help! What is it and what can I do about it? I have .... 20 gallon long tank with penn plax 500 canister filter with foam and sponge filter media. this week added fluval prefilter...
  4. O

    Fry Identification Guppy or Molly

    Hi one of my fish in my community tank recently gave birth to some fry. But currently I have two types of livebearers in the tank and I wasnt awake when the fish gave birth. Down below are the pictures. I have a few guppies and three Dalmatian Mollys and currently the fry are in a breeder box...
  5. M

    Fish identification

    Hello, can anyone help me identify these fishes?
  6. Geordie Paul

    Fish identification

    Can anyone tell me what type of rainbows and the sex (if possible)? I'm pretty sure the yellow one is female. I just added these today and everything is going very well so far.
  7. Barry Tetra

    Is this Indian Almond leaves?

    I found the tree next to my house but never notice.
  8. francisabch12

    I am unable to identify one of my fish.

    Can anyone help me to identify which is this fish?
  9. KLG1234

    What in the world is killing all my fish

    The pleco has since died and I assume the other is going to be gone very soon. I haven’t had any luck identifying this but it seems to affect every fish in the tank besides the tetra which I’m not surprised cause those guys are known to be extremely hardy. Honestly expecting this entire tank to...
  10. J

    Unsure of fish type

    So, I joined the fish keeping hobby about a year ago. I started off with just bettas than tried a rainbow shark and danios(it didn’t workout well) so I moved on to an angel fish and guppies along with my bettas. My girlfriend however became interested in starting a community tank so we set up...
  11. Meg0000

    what kind of plant?

    Hi I have 5 type of plant in my aquarium but there are two that I don't know the name so I would like some help to identify them. Here is the picture : also has anyone tried roobios tea in their tank because I would like to try it for the black water look? What are the benefit of black water?
  12. Aquarist.exe

    Fish identification help

    I caught these really pretty fish in my local freshwater canals, being in Florida, I can’t tell if they are a sort of cichlid fry or something more common in Florida. I’m currently keeping 3 in one of my aquariums. If I could get some help identifying them that would be amazing!
  13. M

    Help in identifying this algae please

    This is from my 20long with penguin75 filter and 30”lifeguard full spectrum led light.
  14. Alexandriel

    Help Identifying (Wild/Hybrid) Betta?

    Hello! I recently bought a new betta, and he was sold to me as an "Alien" betta. I am new to the whole wild/hybrid bettas, so I really don't know exactly what I bought... I tried to do some research online but I got some conflicting results, so I decided to ask you guys instead! :) Is this guy...
  15. Alexandriel

    Color Rating for Cherry Shrimp?

    Hello! I just got a handful of cherry shrimp from a friend, and I plan to reach out to the local pet store to see if they will give me any in store credit for all the shrimp babies once these guys start reproducing. They are all a nice solid red (in my rather uneducated opinion), but I was...
  16. B

    Help me identify these tetras

    I saved about 40 fish from a guy who was shutting down his tank. He gave me some neon tetras, rummy nose tetras, guppies, halfbeaks, and then two species of tetras I don’t know the name of and the guy at the pet store also didn’t know what they were. Some of them also look like they may be...
  17. E

    Rainbow ID - Boesmani? Sold as Turquoise Hello, is this a female or juvenile Boesmani? It was sold as a turquoise and looked like one in the shop, but now in the tank at home I'm thinking it's a boesmani.
  18. E

    Rainbowfish ID help

    Anyone know what this is? Is it just a very green turquoise?
  19. RedSarah

    New Betta - help identifying color/pattern?

    Hi all! I went to the LFS planning to pick up some plants and a few more amano shrimp... and I left with a lovely betta named Queenie. I recently lost the fish in my 5.5 gallon, so it has been sad and unoccupied for the first time in almost two years -- needless to say, I'm glad to have...
  20. neoninnesi

    Mystery Fish, Identification Needed

    I have a planted 10 gal and as i was doing a WC the other day, i noticed a small fish i had never seen before. I’d say it’s about 3 weeks old since that’s the last time i added any plants, an egg must have hitched a ride. the only other inhabitants are 6 neon tetras and a couple snails. The...