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  1. Alexandriel

    Color Rating for Cherry Shrimp?

    Hello! I just got a handful of cherry shrimp from a friend, and I plan to reach out to the local pet store to see if they will give me any in store credit for all the shrimp babies once these guys start reproducing. They are all a nice solid red (in my rather uneducated opinion), but I was...
  2. B

    Help me identify these tetras

    I saved about 40 fish from a guy who was shutting down his tank. He gave me some neon tetras, rummy nose tetras, guppies, halfbeaks, and then two species of tetras I don’t know the name of and the guy at the pet store also didn’t know what they were. Some of them also look like they may be...
  3. E

    Rainbow ID - Boesmani? Sold as Turquoise Hello, is this a female or juvenile Boesmani? It was sold as a turquoise and looked like one in the shop, but now in the tank at home I'm thinking it's a boesmani.
  4. E

    Rainbowfish ID help

    Anyone know what this is? Is it just a very green turquoise?
  5. RedSarah

    New Betta - help identifying color/pattern?

    Hi all! I went to the LFS planning to pick up some plants and a few more amano shrimp... and I left with a lovely betta named Queenie. I recently lost the fish in my 5.5 gallon, so it has been sad and unoccupied for the first time in almost two years -- needless to say, I'm glad to have...
  6. neoninnesi

    Mystery Fish, Identification Needed

    I have a planted 10 gal and as i was doing a WC the other day, i noticed a small fish i had never seen before. I’d say it’s about 3 weeks old since that’s the last time i added any plants, an egg must have hitched a ride. the only other inhabitants are 6 neon tetras and a couple snails. The...
  7. L

    what kind of guppy?

    what type of guppy is this ive never seen one before here he is in all his beautifulness :) i think ive narrowed it down to Metal Head type guppy. This guppy carries the Y-link traits for the Gun Metal head and snakeskin...
  8. A

    Tank Stocking Aggression Issues & Fish ID help?

    Hi All, Tried my hand at salt water fish a few years back and let's just say I'm better off here LOL! Any how, I've had my 29g Biocube running for about 2 months now (recycled from the saltwater experience) About a month ago I stopped at Petsmart and bought some cheap fish in case any died in...
  9. Tool13x

    Cory Identification help

    Can anyone tell me what species this Cory is? I had always thought he was a Julii or Trilineatus but he lacks that characteristic mid-body stripe. Thanks for the help.
  10. S

    Betta Identification

    Can anyone help me identify this little guy? I was thinking plakat but his tail is getting pretty long, so maybe veiltail? He’s only about 1.5 inches now and I’ve had him for over a month. Petco was selling him as a ‘Baby Boy’ but I’m not even sure of that. Any ideas or speculation would be...
  11. R

    Can someone identify what these are?

    Got these scattered all over the bottom of my tank not sure what they are any help would be appreciated.
  12. Flubberlump

    Snail ID

    I've just spotted this baby snail in my tank. I have no idea what it is. I have pest pond and rams horn snails but it's definitely not one of those. I put some assassin snails in less than 2 weeks ago so it's not one of those either. It has a long, conical shell. It's 'upright' sort of...
  13. Cameronb_01

    Substrate Identification

    Hi Guys,   Purchased this substrate today from my LFS. The guy who sold it to me didn't know who the supplier was and what type of gravel it is or what the dimensions are?   Anyone have any ideas about where I could get something similar from or what the dimensions might be?   Thanks in advance...
  14. ChrisRyan

    Ich Advice

    Hello! So I don't have a quarantine tank, and I added a rainbow fish about 3 weeks ago. After a few days I noticed the ich and over a couple days increased the temperature of the tank (29 gal) to 90 degrees F. I was just lowering the temp today (14 days since temp increase) and noticed a neon...
  15. J

    Help To Identify Fish!

    Hello everyone!   I have recently agreed to take ownership of my (emigrating) friend's small tropical tank, but unfortunately he is unable to tell me what species the 3 fish in it are (it was a gift from someone else and he has never been that interested in them unfortunately!)   I'm entirely...
  16. GuppyGirl20

    White Algae?

    This might seem like a stupid question but is there white algae? I bought a plat for my tank maybe a week ago (ish) and it was the kind that is sold out of tank (idk brand name but they're packaged so they're "snail free guaranteed"). I got back home from a weekend at home and I notice on the...
  17. A

    Science Teacher Needs Identification Help!

    Hello!   So I am a science teacher who was wondering if anyone could identify the following two types of fish for my classroom:         The first fish species are two striped little guys. One of them has some orange on its dorsal fin with two black spots while the other is more plain looking...
  18. SamB

    Almost Fluorescent Algae Growing Throughout Tank.. What Is It, Is It B

    Here are a couple pictures:         Any ideas? It is growing throughout, and my 6 otos and 3 gobys aren't touching it!
  19. Reannone96

    Platy Fry 3 Days Old And Have Colour!

    Okay so 3 days ago my beautiful female platy (shown in profile picture) gave birth, I thought they were all dead but I managed to scoop 10 up and put them in their own small tank, anyways people have been saying the platy fry don't get colour until they're weeks old? The father of this fry I...
  20. obroadie

    Please Help Identify. Is This A Shrimp, Crayfish Or Lobster?

    Hi Everyone,   This is my first post. Today I foolishly, on impulse, bought two gorgeous little things from the guppy seller at our local market here in Thailand. I would normally do some research beforehand but in over 10 year this was the first time I saw them and got excited. My two year old...