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  1. forumgulper

    THIS ONE FISH☝️Omg this one fish💥(time sensitive!!)💥

    The issue: one of my glofish seems to be gasping, lathargic and slightly emaciated. Note: all my fish get fed regularily and I try to make sure all the fish get a decent share (without overfeeding them ofc). but the issue is that its just the one glofish thats acting like this. All of my other...
  2. cynful

    Hi there!

    Both my husband and I have started our new hobby of fishkeeping. I grew up around fish tanks so I have basic knowledge but wanted to join a community of more experienced fishkeepers who can help me to identify issues and give information to resolve those issues. I am a huge animal lover of all...
  3. C

    Black spots on my glofish

    Hi! This is my new glofish, brought him home about 2 weeks ago. I'm concerned about the 2 black spots on his back. He's eating and otherwise behaving normal. I'm not sure if I need to treat him for parasites? Or infection? Thanks for you help!
  4. B

    Glofish swollen belly?

    Hi friends - I have a freshwater tank that’s been pretty stable for a while. We have four glofish and four tetras. A few weeks ago the blue glofish got a swollen belly (see pics). She was still peppy and energetic so I though maybe she had eggs? But it’s been this way for a few weeks at least...
  5. E

    Glofish sick

    I just noticed this fish today. Its in a 55 gallon community tank. No other fish are sick. Could this be from nipping or is this a disease?
  6. Grapcy72

    My glo shark has a big belly

    Hi! I noticed coming home that my glo shark had a big belly , this shocked me and made me concerned if anyone has any idea please let me know
  7. K

    Thinking I Need to Rehome My Fish

    I absolutely hate to think this but I honestly don’t know what else to do anymore besides just start over. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and really think they’re suffering for it and at this point, I don’t know what to do anymore. My only main problem rn is that I just don’t know how to go about...
  8. M

    How to know if fish wound is healing?

    One of my glo fish attacked my yellow glo fish and took a bite out of my poor baby. I’m going to add a picture. I’ve been treating it with aquarium salt and melafix. It was very red but it’s not really now but I can’t tell if it’s healing? What do you think?
  9. D

    Help! My glofish are dying and I can’t figure out why. :(

    I’m going to try to provide as much information as possible, so please bare with me. On March 26th I bought a Aqueon Neoglow Aquarium Kit Hexagon. It is an 8 gal. tank, I realized afterwards that the fish have to be in a tank of 10 gal. or more. My mom told me that we had to let the filter run...
  10. T

    Glofish with internal bleeding

    I am new to this site but found it when searching for advice for my Glofish. (Which I believe are genetically modified white skirt tetra). We have a little guy that got caught in our aquarium decoration. He had been having trouble swimming - we thought swim bladder disease and had just tried an...
  11. J

    Is something wrong?

    One of my daughters glow fish has what appears to be a small raised bump on its bottom fin. It’s the same color as the fish. It seems to be eating normally and the last water change was almost a month ago. The other two fish do not have a bump. It’s kinda hard to tell since I can’t get a good...
  12. lighthouse

    Breeding Zebra Danios Glofish + Tetras in clay pots

    Hi there. I’m a newbie in this. I keep my fish in huge clay pots —there to get rid of the mosquito larvae— but now I’ve got into it and want to breed them. Guppies and Swordfish aren’t a problem at all but I cannot manage with Danios and Tetras. I know these two do it through eggs so I keep...
  13. T

    my juvenile angelfish have been the same size for the last few month, i don’t know either he healthy or not

    i needed help with my baby angelfish, he has been the first fish to colonize the tank for three months ago but still haven’t grow much yet the tank size is 30 gallons (1 angelfish)is kept with (6 glo fish each around 2 inches) heater and filter are included/ temp is 78 Fahrenheit and 25 degree...
  14. Circus

    How Many GloTetra in a 25 gallon?

    Right now I have 6 of the glotetra in a 25 gallon (my first fish I ever got). From my understanding they are basically white skirt tetra. How many should I have in my tank? I know "more is better" but how many more would my maximum be? I wanted to add some more green, as well as some standard...
  15. K

    Need Help with Glofish Tetra

    I cycled my 10 gallon ( tank for about 3/4 weeks and saw the spikes of nitrites and ammonia then both hit 0 and the nitrates were at a pretty good level. From what I had read, it seemed like the whole cycle was...
  16. B

    Something wrong with my glo fish?

    Hi everyone! I’ve had this glo fish for a few months now. He appears to have a larger sized stomach out of no where. It looks as though he possibly swallowed a pebble I’m not sure? I will upload the pictures now. But I would love help and I’m slightly panicked.
  17. FluffehWolf

    Aggressive Glo fish

    Hi everybody, I’m fairly new to properly managing freshwater fish/aquariums. I recently purchased a 60 gallon with 4 very young bala sharks (I’m aware they are going to need around 180 gal when they fully grow, this is temporary for them!) I decided to get a 4 glo fish to add to the tank because...
  18. $

    Spinning glofish

    I have 6 glofish, 2 glofish tiger barbs, 3 rosy barbs, 8 zebra danios, 3 panda garras, and 1 Amano shrimp in a 20 gallon tank. Parameters are 7.4 ph, ammonia 0, nitrates 10-20. Feeding is once a day with fish flakes and about once a week I drop in an algae tab and some sinking shrimp pellets...
  19. JFox

    Glofish transportation

    Hi! I'm new to this forum. I looked around for an answer to this question but didnt see an answer. Is there a good way to transport glofish that they wont be so stressed and will survive the trip from the pet store? (At least an hour transit? About a month ago I saw some glofish and wanted some...
  20. A

    Hi I'm new to the forum but have lurked here for over a year

    Hi Tropical Fish Forum People! I have been back in the Tropical Fish World for about 3 years. I have three 10 gallon tanks, one 5 gallon, and one 2 gallon that houses a Blind EE Betta who is 3 1/2 years old.They are all cycled, heated, filtered and heavily planted with live plants. One 10...