dwarf gourami

  1. natabeexo

    Newbie. Attempting To Start And Aquarium And Cycle The Water, Please H

    Hi there! My name is Natalie and I am COMPLETELY new to this fish business. I'm in need of some serious help. Currently, I have one Dwarf Gourami and one Pleco (bottom feeder). For the moment, I have a five gallon tank, which I'm sure is ok for two small fish temporarily. When I first begin this...
  2. r.w.girard

    Is This A Tumor?

    I read a bunch of past posts trying to figure out what the lump on my Dwarf Gourami, Colisa lalius, is exactly.  And, because it looks like there is on on the top of his head, and because it does not seem to be erupting, that it might be a tumor.  I just thought I would post some pictures to see...
  3. S

    Brand New To Keeping Tropical Fish 60ltr Tank

    Hi my name is rich I've been bought a Marina style 60 aquarium by my girlfriend and have a few questions that the experts will answer easily,that why I'm here: ) . My main questions are am i able to keep galaxy rasbora and dwarf cichlids together in a 60 ltr tank. These are the two breeds of...
  4. F


    i have a 60 gallon tank with a pleco, 3 cory catfish, and 1 blue male gourami and i would like to get 1 female gourami but my question is could i put a male and female dwarf gourami in there?
  5. S

    White Spot Treatment Uk, Pentazona Barbs (w/ Dwarf Gourami, Peppered C

    All 5 of my pentazona barbs are displaying classic ICH symptoms, I didn't quarantine them because my Quaratine tank has two guppies with ragged tails in. My mistake. The guppy's will be returned to their tank on Thursday so I can isolate tank mates in the scaleless cories need a different...
  6. kristynkarma

    Lethargic Dwarf Gourami Can't Stay Upright

    Tank size: 10 gallons pH: 6.6 nitrite: 0ppm nitrate: 42ppm kH: 10-15ppm (extremely low) gH: off the charts (extremely high) tank temp: 77-78of [I plan on making a trip to my lfs as soon as I can to pick up some 'API Proper pH' to increase my Carbonate Hardness and some water softener to...
  7. kristynkarma

    Is My Gourami Sick?

    I have a male dwarf gourami named Ringo. I got him in mid-late June of this year, and he was fairly young when I got him. For the first month and a half or so that he was in my tank, he was vibrantly colored and highly active. But for about a month or two now he's been completely different. His...