1. V

    Maybe this isn't the best hobby for clumsy people

    As a clumsy person, I've had my fair share of struggles. I always end up spilling some water on the floor during water changes. I accidentally tipped over the bucket I was using for a substrate swap, so I had to start over. I spilled a water test on the floor when I meant to dump the liquid in...
  2. V

    How do I use a siphon?

    This is my first time using a proper siphon. I've followed all the instructions that came with it. The problem is, when it picks up waste the waste just falls out soon after instead of going in. Unless I tip it over to pour directly down into the tubes. The instructions told me to shake up and...
  3. V

    Cleaned filter with tap water

    I already cleaned out my filter with tap water, but afterwards was told not to do that because it rids beneficial bacteria. But there's other items in the tank that can have good bacteria too right? Like the decor, plants, and gravel hasn't been messed with. What effect will this have on my...
  4. V

    Help me with my unintentional negligence

    I realized that I haven't been cleaning the tank properly, but was only concerned when my corydoras started dying off. I was doing water changes with cups (but I did add water conditioner). I would set a reminder to do it every two weeks. I want to get a siphon but I'm afraid I could...
  5. AmyKieran

    Cleaning advice?

    I have a 190l trigon and I’m wondering the best method of cleaning. Usually with my past tanks the cleaning routine would go like this Every 2 weeks - - 20% water change - remove ornaments and rinse - siphon gravel with electric gravel cleaner - use glass magnet to clean glass - wipe air...
  6. D


    Hi we have just had our whole tank wiped out in a couple of days. First signs of stress were on Friday evening when they didn't eat. Then we treated with wide spectrum treatment but over the weekend they have all turned belly up! From what I can see it was columnaris bacterial infection as the...
  7. reptilenotfish

    methods of cleaning hair algae off moss?

    I've got a 6g/22L planted tank, and have run into a problem. I have peacock moss growing on driftwood, and hair algae has started to colonize the moss. Tweezers and brushes only go so far, and if there is a method you would recommend, any help would be great. My tank already has high stocking...
  8. G

    Cloudy calcification issue on tank glass

    Hello guy! My name is George and I registered in this forum because I've been dealing with this issue for a while now and I hope I can get a solution. My family owns a "perfecto" brand fish tank (100 gallons) from way back in the day that used to originally meant for saltwater life. In the early...
  9. Anonymous Fox

    Using old water for knew fish?

    Is it safe to use the same water as your old fish for new ones? As long as you clean everything inside, hides, fake plants, gravel, etc?
  10. P

    Diatoms that WONT go away

    Hey guys i’m new to fish keeping, i have 3 cory catfish in a 10 gallon. (i know i need to get more lol) but i have brown algae all over the walls of the tank. i do weekly water changes where i take 75% of the water out and then wipe down the inside of the tank with a wet cloth to get out all the...
  11. S

    What is the best and easiest way to change the betta fish tank water?

    Hey there guys, hope your you and your fish are doing great :):). I am kinda new in this industry and having a betta tank myself. I was wondering what is the best way to change your betta tank water in new and old Tank (Both)? Also, the easiest way to do so. Any information will be helpful. Thanks
  12. R

    Better way to clean sand?

    I recently switched my 29 gal long to black sand (imagitarium) and I’ve been cleaning it with a regular siphone, but it’s pretty inefficient. The siphon doesn’t pick up all of the debris and it drains water too fast to get it clean, I’ve tried to stop the flow in order to slow the draining, but...
  13. Izzy_guppy_303


    Hello I am fairly new to this forum, I am now a owner of four male guppies. They live in a 6.7 gallon tank and unfortunately I feel like it’s my fault for not noticing that when I brought my three new fish to add to the tank one of them was acting odd. I’m talking about swimming by the filter...
  14. Filip

    Cleaning Post-Disease Aquarium/Filter

    Hello! I recently had a fungus infestation in my 20-gallon tank, and it sadly killed all my fish because I was having ammonia problems at the same time, and the combination was too deadly for the little guys:( Anyway, I want to get back at it, and I want to make sure that I get rid of ALL...
  15. Ingrid

    Cleaning ornaments

    How should one clean ornaments in a fish tank ?
  16. T

    Strange brown stuff on tank glass

    Hello, I came to my tank yesterday and there was a strange brown thing on the inside of the tank glass, I had noticed it a few days ago but it was really small so I thought nothing of it but by yesterday it had grown to almost triple the size, so today I cleaned the tank out and used a sponge to...
  17. T

    Cleaning problem with water quantity

    Hello, I am reasonably new to the hobby and have a reasonably small around 30-40 litre tank and have a Syphon tube for cleaning gravel however, I get half way through cleaning and the water gets really low in the tankand I have to fill another bucket of water, dechlorinate, put it back in and...
  18. D

    Video Making water changes easier

    Hi, Some feedback from you guys would be fantastic. I'm just about to launch a new product to make water changers easier. What do you think of it ie function, price, usefulness.
  19. V

    New Tank

    Looking to buy a 5 gallon with a 'hidden' filter that doesn't get in the way when cleaning or aquascaping. It would also be a bonus if it had a built in heater so I don't have to have the ugly thing handing on the back of the tank. Anyone have any ideas?
  20. Monty2451

    Best way to clean a planted

    Hi everyone, I'm getting back into the hobby after about a 10 year hiatus, and am looking to start out again with my first truly planted tank, a 35 gal. cube with some dwarf grass, marimo moss balls, and a Xmas moss bonsai. The most I've done with plants in the past has been some hornwort...