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  1. zuzupc

    Popeye & Pale Odessa Barb

    Tank size: 30 gallon pH: 6.5 ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 10-20 kH: n/a gH: n/a tank temp: 72 F Fish Symptoms: For about 8 days now, 1 Odessa Barb is showing symptoms - popeye in one eye, pale (no red stripe, scales are dull not shiny, black spots are faded). Still swimming and eating, but...
  2. J

    Cherry or tiger barbs.

    Hey guys Stocking question for a 30 gallon, PH7.6 I have a 30 gallon tank, probably running (after the cycle) for 2 months now. Sadly a disease killed off my fish and I am left with 1 swordtail 2 bosemans rainbow, 4 green emerald corys and a chinese algae eater. Went to my LFS today to see what...
  3. K

    Tiger barbs dieng at once

    I HAD 6 barbs in a tank with 3 coreys 1 pleco and a puffer. I feed blood worms periodically for barbs and puffer to eat and just the other night i fed blood worms made by sanfrasisco brand and 1 fish died first morning. 2nd one in afternoon. And third one at night and NOW another barb is...
  4. Chippers255

    Only My Tiger Barbs are Dying?

    As the title suggests I have a community tank but only my Tiger Barbs are dying. I woke up this morning and everything seemed fine, an hour later 2 were dead, 1 died this afternoon, and 1 died this evening. Does anybody have any idea what could affect my tiger barbs only? So you have a bit of...
  5. Robbo85

    Golden Barbs Felixstowe East Suffolk

    looking to possibly sell or trade   Golden Barbs Age and condition: 2-3 years old good condition Quantity for sale: 3 Reason for Sale: changing to SA only set up Delivery or Collection: collection only Sales price: £3 for all 3 Willing to Ship :No Postage & Packaging Price:n/a General Location ...
  6. E

    Been A Few Weeks Things Have Settled Down

    hell again  well it has been awhile since i have posted and alot has happened. soooo where to start all my fish are settled in and enjoying life in the tank. i added some serpae tetras and another store called them black skirt tetras so idk???? that is one question. sitting watching these fish...
  7. R

    Cherry Barbs Swiming Upwards, Dining For Exhaustion.

     One day I noticed that one of my older cherry barbs was swimming upward, like he was struggling to stay afloat. I thought it was swim bladder disorder, and I did everything I could, but he died, I think from exhaustion. Then two of my younger barbs stared swimming like they were struggling up...
  8. LyraGuppi

    87 Gallon Stocking

    I have a 87 gallon tank and want it to become a cichild tank. I've decided on a breeding pair of severums (breed undecided) and a "group" of Bolivian rams. I also would like a shoal of rosy barbs. So here is my plan:   2 severum, 1 male 1 female 5 Bolivian rams, 1 male 4 females 8 rosy barbs  ...
  9. T

    What To Add To My 200L Tropical Tank

    Hi   I have had tropical fish tanks for quite a few years now but have all been 100L or less. I now have a 200L tank and would like some help with what fish to add.    It is a planted tank that currently has the following: 2 Bristlenose plecs 5 corys 9 zebra danios 6 golden barbs 3 tiger barbs 3...
  10. mcontra25

    New To Fish Hobby, Looking For Some Advice.

    Hello All,  I just recently inherited a 55 gallon tank that was being occupied by a 8 inch Red Tail Tin Foil Barb and two 6 inch Pictus Catfish. The tank itself came with an External Hanging Agua-Tech 30/60 Power Filter and a External Hanging Aqueion Power Filter 10. I do recognize that Barbs...
  11. G

    After 4 Months, All 4 Of My Tiger Barbs Were Found Dead This Morning;

    I woke up this morning to find all 4 of my tiger barbs dead.  Anyone have any thoughts of why?   55 gallon tank cycled for 3 weeks before adding fish have had fish in the tank for just over 4 months now 2 of the tiger barbs that died were of the first several fish I had populated the tank with...
  12. Kabernick30

    Stocking Question

    I have a 26 gallon tank with driftwood and a few live plants   i currently have.. 1 albino cory catfish 2 platies 1swordtail 1  black phantom tetra   can i add a school of cherry barbs and an angelfish?   im looking to transition to a semi aggressive tank
  13. ChancesMama

    Transferring Fish

    Hello all! I have a small dilemma but I have to have an answer pronto!     I have a 28 gallon tank that is currently housing 8 neon tetras and 4 Cherry Barbs. I've been having a constant struggle with the Ammonia levels and have decided to get rid of all my fish and start over. This being said...
  14. Ny82

    Someone Has Laid Eggs! Help Please

    Hi folks, well after lowering my tank temperature to 24 over the past 2 days to suit my platies better, I noticed today that there are eggs on the tank wall. Now the only snails I have in the tank are MTS and I believe they are livebearers.   The only egg layers I have are cherry barbs-2 males 4...
  15. N

    $10 Black Ghost Knife, Free Mollies And Cherry Barbs, San Jose Ca

    I am moving and will not be able to take my tank with me. Here is what I have:   Age and condition: female cherry barbs, healthy Quantity for sale: 2 Reason for Sale: moving, can't take with me Delivery or Collection: Collection Sales price: Free Location: San Jose, CA   Age and condition...
  16. sputnick

    A Few Angelfish Related Questions

    OK so i have finally decided to switch my 45 US GAL african american cichlid tank to a community tank! My plan was to have a pair of angels, which brings up my first question.   How would i pair angelfish off? I have never done it before so some tips or input would be great.   Also Is there a...
  17. LiamGoodaire

    Help Me! Questions To Ask! Issues To Resolve!

    Maybe this thread isn't as important as the title implies so firstly my apologies for that. The reason behind the thread is to help resolve some issues I have which have been mentioned in individual threads previously but suffered from lack of attention so I'm putting them all together! Ill...
  18. Brahmza

    Stocking My Community Tank

    I'm semi-new to fish keeping, but I'm looking to make some changes to my tank and want to make sure everything will work out beforehand. I have a 55g tank at 80 degrees stocked with 3 4" Tinfoil barbs, 10 tiger barbs, 8 zebra danios, 2 German blue rams, 2 dwarf gouramis, 2 green Cory, 1 sterbai...
  19. M

    Tank Transfer From 10g To 55g

    I am fairly new to the the hobby and completely new to the forum. i will be getting a new tank due to the $1 gallon sale at the local petco which will either be a 40g breeder or 55 g tank really cant decide. My current tank that i will be transferring from my current tank. A Half Moon/Circle 10g...