1. B

    African Dwarf Frogs biting each other

    Hi all, I just recently purchased a 5 gallon tank and I have 2 molies and 2 African dwarf frogs in it. This is my first time ever keeping frogs and I’m not very experienced at it. I’ve had them for about a month now. I’ve been feeding them aquatic frog sinking pellets but have never observed...
  2. C

    ADF with flaky skin?

    Hi! So I recently purchased an african dwarf frog from a large-chain pet store. Aside from his missing arm, which was very inflamed when I got him, he seemed to be alright-- eating well, responsive to stimulus, etc. I've been quarantining him for about a week now before I introduce him to my...
  3. brokenoob!

    Are these ADF eggs in my tank?

    Hello there! I just got two ADFs (that I believe are both females) and added them to a newly cycled tank 2 days ago. Today I noticed some strange egg-like objects in the gravel today. The only thing is that I know that ADFs usually lay eggs hundreds at a time, and I've only found about 10 of...
  4. L

    ADF’s are acting strange

    Hello, I have recently got some African Dwarf Frog’s around two months ago. The tank also has four mollies and every test I’ve done has shown every level to be around average( tank is ten gallon). Yesterday I woke up to find one of my frogs on its back dead, I assumed it died of some disease and...
  5. L

    ADF and now Betta suddenly super sick! Please help!

    Took this format from another fish forum, all details below. What is the water volume of the tank? 6.8 gallons How long has the tank been running? 2 months Does it have a filter? Yes Does it have a heater? Yes What is the water temperature? 80 F What is the entire stocking of this tank...
  6. M

    African Dwarf Frog

    I’m very new to this but just recently adopted an ADF & he has a big white spot on his back. Should I be worried? He hangs out around the tank sometimes at the top of the water & sometimes at the bottom. He’s always stayed very still since I got him. Just want to make sure he’s not unhealthy or...
  7. P

    Fish-in Cycling w/ Betta and ADFs; help ASAP!!!

    So I think we messed up. We got a new Betta fish(Keanu) and six ADFs the other day, and literally this morning I found out about cycling... The Betta is in the 3.5 gallon, and we have two tanks. We've got three ADFs in each, and the Betta in one, with the intent of getting another betta for the...
  8. ukdamon

    Personal Website

    As a lover of fish keeping and photography, I love taking photos of my fish, shrimp and frogs. So as a bit of fun, I have created my own website called 'Soggy Friends'. The site is still fairly new and I still need to do some work on it, but I thought i'd share it with you.
  9. ukdamon

    Frogs & Shrimp

    I have a fairly happy community tank, which includes African Dwarf Frogs and Cherry Shrimp. Unfortunately the Shrimp all seem to be vanishing. I think it's a couple of reasons. Firstly, they are hiding because of the fish in the tank, and secondly because I have frogs and I have seen the...
  10. ukdamon


    Hello and thanks for having me. I am new to the forum, but I've been keeping fish on and off for many years. I presently have a 60L Tropical Aquarium with community fish, some African Dwarf Frogs and some shrimp. I plan in the future to have a larger Discus aquarium.
  11. C

    Dwarf frogs

    i currently have a 55gal freshwater set up with a few plants, 2 Bala Sharks, 2 mystery snails, 3 Kuhli Loaches, and a one eyed dwarf flame gourami. I recently added an ADF to my sons 10gal and I’m just loving him! Wondering if adding a couple to my 55 gal would be a good idea?
  12. Ash Paws

    Treating ADF for fungal infection

    Alright, so I tried the Methylene blue just by putting a drop on each fungal wound with a syringe. Most of it was streaming down the frog's head so I rinsed a bit off with a turkey baster and tank water, but the methylene stayed on the fungal wounds so that is good. I realized I didnt have to...
  13. F

    Stocking help....

    So i had a betta that recently passed away. :unsure: The good news out of that is I get to pick out new fish. I have a ten gallon tank that my betta was in all by himself. I am kinda going in the direction of a community tank, and I have some ideas but i don't know which one would work out...
  14. S

    New to fishes

    I'd like to know if I could keep 1 male betta and 1 african dwarf frog in a 3.5 gallon tank together or would that be too much?
  15. mrstwalker

    I Want African Dwarf Frogs

    So, I really love the African Dwarf Frogs in my local pet store. I am considering getting some so I have a few questions:   Do they need a filtered tank/moving water? Do they do well with peaceful fish (platy/corydora) ? What do they eat? Do they ever need to come out of the water?    And any...
  16. M

    2 Adf With A Betta?

    Hey there i have a 5g tank with a betta in, i would really like to have 2 adf but will the betta eat the food because ive heard alot of problems about this... also i only have 2 terra cotta pots in the tank and 2 little rocks i have a base from the pot and i can use that for a feeding dish and i...
  17. C

    African Dwarf Frog Or Dwarf Puffer?

    I have a 5g tank and was wondering which to have? I have had 2 adf before and loved them! I have heard its a gallon per frog? Also if i have a puffer it will only have 1 in but they are so cool!! Which one shall i have???? Also if i have frogs how many? And what plants can i keep with frogs...
  18. C

    Can I Have A Bumble Bee Shrinp With A Adf?

    Can i have a bumble bee frog with a ADF? or will they fight or the frog eat the shrinp?
  19. Christiane

    Adf Unable To Stay Underwater

    I am new to this forum but am asking for help with my 2 ADF. About 2 weeks ago, one of them was unable to stay submerged and kept rising to the top of the tank. He could only stay submerged if he wedged himself under something. His appetite was also very poor, even turning down thawed...
  20. Sparkles13

    Dying / Dead Adfs

    I own three african dwarf frogs. I got my first one in May of this year, and the other two at the end of July. I can tell the three of them apart. When i came home from the store on monday, one of the ones that i got in July was dead. I tested my water that day and for that my parameters were...