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    bulkhead for diy yeast co2

    hi all I no I dont post very often but i am always lurking :whistle: anyway i am trying to set up my diy yeast co2 system again but cant find a bulkhead or brass niple for the bottle cap so that i can put the airline on as per this article link they give a link to get it here but i live in the...
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    This guy is the best specialist aquarist ever!

    there real..... horible inside, but real all the same. try looking at the big picture at Nordstrom and then click again to zoom in there is reflections and there complex because of the curve so they would be imposible to paint in. in fact now i try it, you can see reflections in all of them if...
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    the tank looks good :cool: but the plants at the front shown in the 10th picture (just before the fish pictures) is java fern it should not be put in the gravel it needs to be tied to wood or rock otherwise it will rot :( . why not use some crypts instead and tie the java fern to your wood :)
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    Leaf fish

    ....and a fish too maybee thats why they call it a........ :lol: :lol:
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    "Big White Spot Pleco"

    looks like a :cool: pleco i know you lot like to know what your fish is exactly but i'd be happy if new it didnt get to big and looked cool doesnt matter to me about the name :rolleyes:
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    Dream Tank

    now how many cardinals could you put in there :P :lol: :P :rofl:
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    Happy Guppy Male

    he should do with 125 Gallons of water to explore :lol: he looks like hes got great colouring
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    tetra's new "sharkstale" tank

    we just got 20 delivered at work an i thought id way up the pros and cons pro's :D the tank is 60x30x30 so is not to small unlike the nemo tanks it comes with a florecent strip light an internal filter and heater and for only £69.99 that quite a good priced tank for people like me who are not...
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    New Stand = New Setup...

    looks great :D but mabee add some fore ground plants like sagitaria
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    New 125 Gallon beginning....

    cool tank! :D i bet the kuhlis love all that sand but as a result you dont see them that often :dunno:
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    140 (uk) Gallon (Page 8 & 9)

    I spoke to the rep for rena and he says they are considering giving customers two eternals with this tank because good as the xp3 is it isnt good enough to filter such a big tank also you have a filter from three different manuafactorers sorry cant spell how do they compare
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    450 liters tank - Update vol. 2

    might be quite camoflaged though :lol: :lol: jokes aside its a nice background
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    Proof Cichlid do have teeth

    you think thats bad one of my colleges at work got bitten by a mbu puffer :blink: it almost took his finger off :crazy:
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    140 (uk) Gallon (Page 8 & 9)

    nice tank! mager understatment this the tank i want there easily worth the money since they have that external rena xp3 and four bulbs
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    Webcam up and running

    cool cam and the shout box works good just had a chat :rolleyes: