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    Pond basics

    Add any information you have picked up or learnt about ponds along the way. After a week or so I'll pin this and edit where needed, we can then leave it open for relating question or further information. If we split it into sections it should be more helpful and ordered, so lets start with the...
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    A Call for a "Pond Basics" thread perhaps?

    My computer is useless nowdays so I'm not around much. But I have have compiled abit with Bri information, but I haven't recieved anything else so its a slow process.
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    Oh oh....

    I'd have to agree. Ghost Koi, or any Koi for that matter should really reach 6-8" within a year in the correct conditions and in optimum conditions more. With the fish load in there your going to have unstable parameters and heavy pressure on the filters. If theres alot of circulation, that...
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    "Green Genie 48000" filter

    Just spotted something, in your signature it says your pond is 8'x11'x3' or 96"x132"x36". By these measurements your pond actually holds - Litres: 7475.65 US Gallons: 1975.07 UK Gallons: 1644.64 Considerable more :lol: in which case a bigger filter is probably best and you won't need to thin...
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    "Green Genie 48000" filter

    I don't mean to tell you've done things wrong, your pond is great. But don't forget Koi will reach 10-15" at least and in the right conditions should reach 20-25" and will make this in about 5 years. Imagine 14 of those in the pond and you will see the problem, and they produce alot more waste...
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    "Green Genie 48000" filter

    I have a similair sized pond, prehaps abit larger, with Koi, Orfe, Tench, Rudd and Goldfish and I don't need a filter like a green genie to keep things clean and clear, although the fish are all young and produce far less waste. Your pond, to be honest is very over stocked with 14 Koi, I'd only...
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    Tap water ???

    We are actually very lucky in england, we are one of a handful of countries worldwide that can drink water straight from the tap. In other countries you are advised to drink bottled water and only use tap water for washing, cleaning etc.
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    Tap water ???

    I use ponds rain and tap water although I do treat both with stress coat if its a large water change, but if its just a top up I don't bother as pond are much larger bodies of water. The only danger with tapwater is the chemicals they can use in the treatment processes, water companies will...
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    Is your pond part of a garden?

    I think a garden makes a pond and a pond makes a garden, I wouldn't have either without the other. :rolleyes: We've just finished digging our new pond, had to stop digging after I hit a mysterious hidden pipe so its not as deep as I would have liked but it looks good.
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    Green pond

    I'd agree with William. Algae reduces the oxygen content of the water drastically and this will affect the fishes activity levels. The best answer is a UV light which will clear the algae in a day or so if it is suspended in the water, however, this will not be the case if it is blanket weed...
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    best way to filter ponds??

    Probably best to make sure you feed both filters back into the top pond as the water there is moving down to the lower pond. You could use both filters on the bottom pond feeding the both back to the top, or one on each. Or if you don't want to get another pump you may be able to link your...
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    whatfish goes good with goldfish in coldwater

    Some possible ideas for a 10 gallon coldwater tank. Three Spined Sticklebacks (Gasterosteus aculeatus) Size: 4-10cm (1"- 4") Origin: Native to the UK and found in fresh and costal waters around Europe and North Africa, North and Central America and Asia. Porbably the best known Bristish fish...
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    Feeding stickleback

    Live bloodworms or daphnia are best and then move them onto frozens.
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    Pond photos, daily water changes question

    Very nice set-up and some great fish. But I do think there could be some serious underlying problems which may arise. The reason the water is going brown quickly and the pond in general becoming dirty is because it is so over stocked as you probably know. I'm sure you find changing 25-50% of the...
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    Pond stocking

    Four feet deep is general recommended as a minimum unless the pond is heated or indoors. 6'x6'x4' or 8'x4'x4' are possible sizes but it all depends on your garden and any shape design you may want. All Koi varieties have the potential to reach 30" in the right conditions and some more, however...