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    Roxy Dog

    It's because my Roxy is great.
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    Please Take A Quick Questionnaire

    Please take a quick quiz for me! I've got myself in a bit of a pickle, and I need as many people to answer this as possible by tomorrow (100 if possible)! With 90 members online at a time, this should be easily possible! ...Or at least you'd think... :rolleyes...
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    For My Mum

    No problem! Yeah, less rubbing and you gert a smoother finish, too! :D Make sure you post it up! I did one at school the other day, I'll post it up when/if I get it back...
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    For My Mum

    Very nice! She'll love them, as said above! Just a tip for pastels (although ti seems like you've already pretty much maastered them) is that to do large areas and to get colours to blend properly, scrape along the edge of the colour you want to use with a pair of scissors over the pice of...
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    Some Of My Personal Photos

    Heh, I used to have a Kodak, and I found it took some great photos! All of the pictures below were taken on my Kodak (sorry to hi-jack the thread...just trying to prove a point that Kodaks are actually quite good little cameras...)
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    I'm definately going to see it! Despite it having one of stupidest and worst names in film history, it looks pretty good! :lol:
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    Olympus Om1n Slr Camera....

    If you want a Digital SLR, I can recommend the Olympus ones, actually! I have the E-500 and I love it. Only problem if finding lenses for it, but it's not that hard a problem to overcome.
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    Are You A Crunchy Nut?

    Yep~ Especially with really, really cold milk.
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    What Was You Last Meal

    Currently eating some Chinese I found in the freezer! :D
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    TRANS-FORMERS! ROBOTS IN DIS-GUISE! ...I like to shout that whenever that film is mentioned. As do all my friends. But they all refuse to go see it with me. :lol:
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    Olympus Om1n Slr Camera....

    Good choice, I reckons. Plus, you can pick up film cameras dead cheap in places like charity shops, nowadays. ;)
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    Anyone Have A Wii?

    I don't have one, but my friend does, and it's great fun! There was around 6 of us at his house one night, and we ended up playing all night!
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    Ipod Nano Vs Creative Zen V+

    I'd go for the Creative. I love my Vision, and ti works really well. It has frozen a couple of times, but hey! I wear badges (pins to the American lot) quite often, so it wasn't exactly hard to simply press the Reset button. Once you reset it, it rebuilds itself really quickly. So the Creative...
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    Olympus Om1n Slr Camera....

    The only way to find out is to test it! ;)
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    What Digital Slr Camera?

    Aww, it comes with practice! I learnt that way, and now I know my way around it like the...well...not quite the back of my hand, but the bottom of my foot, anyway. :lol: