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    Is A Usm Lens Still Auto Focus?

    Yes, that's an auto-focus lens :)
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    Can Somebody Explain A Few Things On Dslr Lenses

    AFAIK EF and EF-s are different mounts, a camera that uses EF lenses (full frame like the 5DMkII and 1Ds) cannot take the EF-s lenses which are designed for smaller sensor cameras like the 50D etc. The smaller sensor cameras however, can take both. Image stabilisation works by reducing the...
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    Swollen Angelfish

    Unless the other two fish are also unhealthy, they should be ok with a fish with bacterial problems, the problem is in the water in the small tank and the risk is probably small if the other two angels are in good health and in good water. Dipping the fish is very distressing, I wouldn't do it...
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    Swollen Angelfish

    Definetely looks like a bacterial problem, medicating wont work unless you either remove or seriously clean the substrate, be it gravel or sand. At this stage I would remove it altogether. Bacteria thrive in warmer water so very gradually try turning it down a degree over a few days, then...
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    Ph Lowered

    The pH of the tap water may be fine but if its soft water it will be very vulnerable to dips and spikes which can be caused by many factors. Bog wood and decaying plants will cause the pH to drop, adding carbon to the filter or coral sand or strong aeration will cause it to go up. If your water...
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    Thanks for all the thoughts and words, hope it makes some people less trustful of the bits and pieces in their own tanks!
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    Thanks guys, along with the Discus we lost a large Panaque L191, a L134, some apistogramma species and a sprinkling of cardinal tetras. Luckily we still have some apistogramma in the smaller breeder tank so may have some new fish looking for a larger home soon enough.
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    Hello to folks who remember me and also to those who dont! Just popping in to say that after 4 years of bliss and smooth sailing in my main Discus tank I woke yesterday to find every fish in the tank dead :( A faulty heater had stuck on 'on' and you could feel the heat coming from the tank from...
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    Congrats To Tolak On Becoming A Mod.

    Congrats Tolak, long overdue :)
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    Just A Quick Question

    It depends on what you are using for filtration and how much food you are putting in. Two guppies will not produce an awful lot of ammonia, uneaten food will though so as a guess I would say this is only starting to build up now, you will need to watch it over the next week or two and be very...
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    Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

    That is one stunning fish! Makes me want to go salty again :)
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    Kh Too High.. ?

    The best thing to do is to get fish that will love your water just as it is, there are some fantastically coloured African Cichlids that will thank you for bringing them home, or have a look at some hard-water loving Central American Cichlids too. What is the pH like? Also the GH if you know it...
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    Nipped Fins

    You could add some melafix to the tank, if there's no sign of goo or cotton wool type fungus then I would avoid any drastic measures. The gouramis are going to be the culprits I bet, they are very nippy at the best of times. Keep an eye on them and see how they progress, for the moment I would...
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    Cichlids And Tiger Barbs

    I wouldn't put tiger bards in with anything other than tiger bards, as already said, they are two gills of annoyance for anything else in the tank. The oscar will definitely make a meal out of them when it gets bigger though! Schooling fish school for a reason, to confuse and frustrate bigger...
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    Bolivian And Blue Ram

    He shouldn't be lonely, they do fine on their own and prefer it than having another male if its already a male that you have. Bolivians are hardier than the over-bred blue rams so may well terrorise a blue to death, if you can add another two or three Bolivians or just get some midwater fish...