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    Shoaling Mbuna?

    My yellow labs do this till one of the other cichlids decides to end the fun lol.
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    Glassfish/glass Catfish

    Pet smart here has em all the time so they are an easy find.
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    Opening 29 Gallon

    hmm have a buddy at work with a breeded pair in a 30 galllon was figureing on just the two once they paired up will look around some more though.
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    Opening 29 Gallon

    So my momma lobster now has her own 10 gallon next to my male freeing up my 29 gallon. I am thinking of getting 6 small angels and seeign if I can get a pair, But have not decided yet. at the moment I have. 2 x 10 gallon crayfish tanks(procambrius alleni) 1 x 5 gallon tank with a baby cray that...
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    "regular" Bichir Behavior?

    ^^^^ mine even blow bubbles on occasion :P
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    "dinosaur Bichir" Questions

    I have 2 senegal bichirs in with 3 varied BN plecos a jack dempsy and 2 blood parrots. They ar in a 75g as well 1 of the bichirs is from petsmart the other is an albino I got from a small local store. I have not had any slime coat issues. The bigger of my bichirs actualy harasses the big male...
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    Lobster Molting

    I woukld leave it in my blue ones always eat thiers... except for the claws they seem to be to tuff for them to eat.
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    2 New Bamboo Shrimps! Coolest Shrimp Ever!

    Sadly all my tanks have something that would eat them so I cannot have any yet but I love the look of them.
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    Pic Of Momma Lobster

    I would estimate a lil over a year he was 2 inches when we baught the pair. and I have seen em reach that is 2-4 months so 12-16 months.
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    Surprise And Success Stories

    I have a few fun one ones when I had just started keeping fish I Unknowingly grabbed a bottle of stress zyme instead of stress coat and for 3 weeks did wtare changes with it. Amazingly I lost no fish in the chlorinated water (nor did i looose either of my blue lobsters) Back when I kept my...
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    Bacteria Bloom

    Yeah when you swapped the filter out all your good bacteria went with the old one. So your essentially in an all new cycle. Not sure how much ya know about cycles but reading here can help a lot. Try not to feel to bad...
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    Sick Fish

    I am guessing your tank never got cycled properly I would suggest going to this link and reading a lot it may help ya get headed right.
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    Bacteria Bloom

    do you mean you changed your filter cartridge or changed your filter all together? If ya changed the cartridge I cannot see why it would cause a bloom. My wifes tank gets them from time to time if i do not change the cartridge ocasionaly since it is such an over populated tank. If you changed...
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    Pic Of Momma Lobster

    I gave one of thier siblings to a friend at work she has molted 3 times in a little over a month. Male didnt molt he was just being a lazy #28### so him and momma are in the same tank again I moved him yesterday I figure I will give em a week and then move him back. He tends to be a ***** and...
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    Show Off Your Tank!

    I tend to it she just picks what goes in :P