Yellow Striped Clingfish

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Dec 27, 2004
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Common name(s): Yellow Striped Clingfish, Urchin Clingfish

Scientific name: Diademichthys lineatus

Family: Gobiesocidae

Origin: The Solomon Islands

Maximum size: Up to 2". Minimal tank size 10 gallons.

Care: The Yellow Striped Clingfish is a very small elongated fish that is brown to black in color with yellow stripes running down it's length. The tail has an interesting circular shape with a yellow dot in it. It has an elongated snout, almost reminiscent of a seahorse, and prefers to pick around corals for food. It hovers in water and, like it's name implies, can frequently be found clinging to the glass walls of your tank, sump or underneath corals. It can be semi-aggressive to fish it's size or smaller. There is a described association between the clingfish and spiny urchins for food and protection, however, it is unclear if this is a necessity for survival in marine tanks.

Feeding: This fish is a carnivore and can be difficult to feed initially. Try mysid shrimp, Cyclopeeze or vitamin enriched brine shrimp

Sexing: Unknown

Breeding: Unknown



NOTE: This fish is NOT EASY to keep despite being listed as 'moderate' on some websites. They are small...get into sumps....are tough to feed...and I WOULD have an urchin if you are thinking of getting it. I have spoken with others who owned this fish and none had success.

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