Rebuilding A 20Gal After A Move

I have tried many times over many years to get this dance on video...finally got it tonight. Clibanarius striolatus has a courtship display where the male dances while holding the female (sometimes at an angle like this, other times directly facing her), tapping on the female and stroking her legs. The female is not initially visible in the video; I realized that eventually and scooted the camera up a bit to show her. The light is poor because this was taking place as the LEDs were fading out for the night.

Sad event today: walked in this morning to find my flame angel dead on the bottom of my reef and I have no idea what happened. No sign of injuries or anything...must have just died not long before I walked in since he was still limp. All the way through last night he was eating well, had grown a bit, and had gotten really friendly too. Water's good and everybody else is happy. Things like this really get to me when there is zero warning and I can't find anything wrong with the system afterwards.

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