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What Is The Weirdest Food You Have Ever Tasted?

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Does Vanilla flavoured monster munch count.?

What were they thinking??? Stick with the roast beef or pickled onion ones ;)
Goat head soup. A lady from Africa made it. Not sure what was actually in it because I didn't have the guts to ask. Hotter (spicy) than H***! and I didn't eat a whole lot.. ack
This is carved biltong, which was earlier mentioned..Eat your finger to the bone!!... Spiced wind dried meat.

I am a fan of strange food...

I've eaten most native animals that are sold for food including Rabbit, Hare, Deer (venison), duck, goose, pheasant, pigeon and other game birds plus all the obvious ones (beef, lamb, pork etc). My favorite native meat is probably beef still, Rabbit is my favorite obscure meat.

I've eaten European delicacies like wild boar, goat, horse steak and frogs legs although i've never had snails. Horse was surprisingly tasty. It was like Beef steak with a slightly different flavour. If i hadn't known it was horse i would of assumed it was beef.

As for more exotic meat I've also eaten Crocodile sausages, Springbok steak (South African Deer), Emu steak, Ostrich steak, Kanagroo steak, Aligator burgers, Bison steak and burgers. Emu is awsome, its like turkey with the texture of beef and has very little fat. Very tasty. I wasn't too keen on the Kanagroo, it tasted a bit like liver!

I've found a website that sells exotic meat so in the summer me and my friends are having an exotic meat BBQ probably with Zebra, Wildebeast and Camel. You can see the site here - Osgrow
that site is fantastic i willdeffo be ordering some alternative meats!! :drool:
canned gouramis?

gator jerky

and puoltryie ducks and stuff

cow bwainz

barfy (yeah i know big LOL right?)

live ant (tastes like vineger chips lol)

a cricketin a lollipop mmmmmmmmmmmmmGACKmmmmmmmmmm hahaha it didnt taste like anyhting

id love to try anything as as far as i know id eat/try anything
kangaroo tail steaks ostridge and game pie and loved it all :drool:
I bet this was at the Shipwrights Hotel in Sunderland...
Ive had that too...

Oh I might have to try that.

I've had all the meats before but not from a restaurant.

I have springbock in the freezer.

I've had Zebra, ostridge, kangaroo err wood pigeon, camel...

My personal wierdest though is...squid cooked in ink :sick: (it tastes like when you get a good smell of the ink from a biro - well it tastes like that :sick:).

I've been tempted to try catfishin honey from the local chinese cash and carry but I can't bring myself to get it (I mean I'm not a fussy eater and will try everything once...it's just I have a catfish and he looks like the picture on the pot!), I think I'd happily try it but to get a whole one for myself is a bit much.
Shark , (not the fin soup), not very pleasant, will stick to cod or haddock :good:
lemon ants, deep fried spiders and ( sorry to gross some of you out ) crispy piranha and catfish soup to name a few. oh how can i forget to mention snake soup and butterfly salad :sick: with the exception of piranha i can say that i will never be temped to try them ever again.

Whoaah.. I dont think i can eat that one too..

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