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We have 7 very cute pets entered into the September 2023 Pet of the Month Contest. View all the pets and descriptions below and then go to top of page and click on your choice for POTM and then click the "cast" button.

Please DO NOT post any comments about any specific pet in this thread...such posts will promptly be deleted.

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Any attempt to influence competition results, other than by casting your allocated vote, is not permitted and may result in your entry being removed and / or further action being taken. You are not allowed to have friends or family join TFF for the main purpose of voting for you. This is a public poll so source of votes can be viewed.

You are allowed to change your vote if you wish.

Poll will close on September 30th at 4:45 PM ET (US).
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This is Oliver (Black Tabby). He's a little over a year old now. We got him from a local animal rescue about 11 months ago, so he was still a small baby kitten when we got him.

He's very sweet and playful. He likes to go outside and play in the yard alot although it's been very hot past few months so can't stay out that long.
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This is Archie 🐈
He is a european short-hair cat, with the most beautiful fur pattern I've ever seen.
Archie is just over two years old, and he has a little brother called Dunder. He likes the rain, which is fortunate as we live in very rainy Ireland. Often he'll come inside wet and spikier than a hedgehog!
Archie's favourite food seems to be dried fish food, but sadly his mean owner keeps it locked away.
When it's warm and sunny, Archie likes to sunbathe on the stepping stones in the garden. Apart from that his favourite place to nap is his blanket on the windowsill. From there he can carefully monitor all that goes on in his estate.

Archie is lucky that he's so cute, because he always seems to find himself in mischief! He can't understand why his owners complain so much when he brings them presents of live mice up to their bedrooms. They are quite ungrateful, (and after a struggle) always put the mice outside again!

Archie enjoys big cuddles and recently, watching little fish in the aquarium. I would describe him as charming, friendly and very well loved!

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My gorgeous Margot. She's a 5 (or 6) year old Jack Russell Terrier, an absolute sweetheart with a beautiful temperament. Unfortunately she's afraid of her own shadow and we're still working on desensatising her to life, any sudden movement or unexpected noise has her fleeing, cowering or trembling. She is wonderful friends with the children who love running around in the garden with her and giving her tummy rubs. She's a barrel of fun and often has us in fits with her silly antics.

My favourite thing about her is her ears, shes a one up one down kinda gal!

A photo I've posted before, but here she is enjoying some summer sun and bubbles ❤️🫧
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This is Beauregard. We got him from a shelter in New Hampshire but he was originally found in West Virginia. It is common to have dogs shipped to New England from the South as there are fewer unwanted litters here and too many unwanted dogs there. He was found as a stray and they estimated his age at around 5. He is currently around 13. While we gave him a Southern gentleman's name in honor of his Southern roots, we should have named him Dobby because he is small but stronger than he looks, and because his ears do that cute floppy-sticky-out thing.

Despite being found as a stray, he was fully housebroken, could sit, mostly stay, and was quite reasonable on a leash, which as a cat person and a mother, was way more obedience than I was used to. Beau is a very good boy unless you happen to be another dog. Then he is your mortal enemy. Don't think that just because he's a 20 pound mutt and you're a big Doberman with an even bigger Pitbull buddy, that he'll go easy on you. What you have in size and numbers, he makes up for in ferocity and a lack of understanding of size and numbers. He's a dog, not a math professor. Stay away from his yard.

Beau noticed early on that we were shamefully lax with regards to safety issues, showing no appropriate alarm over the dangers of squirrels, crows, occasional wild turkeys, people walking in the street outside, or passing trucks; therefore, since we clearly have no idea of how to keep ourselves or the house safe he has taken on the role of Chief Safety Officer, protecting us from nefarious people trying to deliver us packages and other such incursions to our property.

Although we got him for the kids, he is very much "my" dog and while at home, Beau can usually be found under my feet or at least in the same room. Like all other dogs, Beau's life was greatly improved by the work-from-home situation. He and I agree that remote-work is the best thing ever. We go for regular walks so he can carry on his scent war with the other neighborhood dogs who apparently have the nerve to relieve themselves in what are clearly his spots.

In the attached photo, Beau is cuddling with Teddy, my daughter's stuffed bear. I think he looks adorable, but Beau asked that no one show that photo to any other dogs as he has a reputation to uphold.
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Here’s my girl, Ellie. She is a 1.5 year old Belgian Malinois. You may have heard about a Malinois named Yoda last week. He is the police canine who brought down an escaped serial killer near Philadelphia. Due to their intelligence and agility this breed is widely used by law enforcement and the military.

They are high energy dogs and require much exercise. Ellie runs on the treadmill and likes fetch. The girl is in better shape than I am! I bought her not long after the vet came to my house for a beloved dog dying from an incurable dierase. Nothing can truly heal the wound of losing her, but Ellie has helped immensely.The breed originated in Belgium as sheep herders. Some people in a Malinois group convinced me Ellie could easily leap over my 6’ fence in pursuit of prey and run off into the woods. They posted videos of these dogs scaling 12’ fences. Others said most Mals won’t jump unless trained. I got paranoid and put a GPS tracker into a pouch on her collar. I can see her location within inches from an app on a tablet. So far, she has ignored the fence.

Ellie is my constant companion and sleeps in my bed. Had that escaped killer not been caught by another Malinois and headed in my direction, one look at Ellie would have driven him to another state.
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This is one of my Mantella aurantiaca, commonly known as golden mantellas. They are small frogs native to the central highlands of Madagascar. Like their poison dart frog cousins of South and Central America, they have evolved to accumulate in their skin alkaloids from insects in their diet. This renders them poisonous to potential predators. Their bright coloration is an obvious warning to stay away. I’ve had four of these little guys (actually, three males and one female) for almost a year. They live in a lushly vegetated vivarium that measures 30”x12”x18”. As they are not fed insects with toxic compounds in captivity, they are not poisonous. The staple of their diet is fruit flies that have been dusted with calcium, vitamin D and other essential minerals in powdered form. I supplement this with pinhead crickets and tiny spiders (their favorite) when I can catch them. I’ve had several species of small frogs over the years, but these are my favorite: they live peacefully in groups, are remarkably bold for their size and the males have a sweet little trilling chirp which they promptly begin after a misting of their enclosure.
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