What Type of Shark is This?

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Apr 11, 2022
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Hello. Not generally being a keeper of egg laying aquarium fish, I need a positive identification of this shark. There are three in the government tank I help maintain and the the two largest are trying to increase the population of their species. There are already other fish in this tank. Enough for 55 gallons of water. I'll need to figure out what to do with the fry. Thanks for the help!



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Thanks Naughts. Looks like those in the pictures I looked at earlier. That's good enough for me. Need to research them. There are a couple in a tank I clean and they're both swimming in tight circles around each other. The fish are roughly a year old and three inches long. So, will research this and maybe we don't need to be concerned about any fry for a while.

It's a barb relative, by the way. The shark marketing name has sold a lot of them, and that's probably not a good thing. They are very antisocial, living in good sized territories and not sharing space except to spawn. The circling fish are probably hoping to kill each other. They've probably come of age, and decided their tankmates are really annoying. They really are a fish that should be one per tank. They have a way of regulating that themselves, via murder.

They are bred via hormone injections on Asian farms, so dealing with fry won't be an issue. I doubt you'll be writing about how to hormone load hypodermic needles for them! I knew a creepy Russian guy who used to hormone inject Discus to breed them, and he showed me once. Not good, in my books.

They come from fast moving rivers, so they like a good current. That may be the only way to diminish their aggression, as river fish in slowing moving tanks seem to direct the energy they don't need for swimming into fighting.
Rainbow sharks are cute, peaceful and friendly with all fish when juvenile but aggressive and territorial when mature. They first attack other sharks but will soon attack other fish in the tank. Each shark will need its own tank, or a much larger tank than 55 gallon is needed if more than one is kept.

They’re not known to reproduce in home aquarium either, you need not worry about the fry.
Good morning and thanks for all the information. So far, there's just been a little posturing. The sharks have their own caves and the tank is well planted. Nothing to do but keep the water clean and see what happens.


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