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May 25, 2019
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On the banks of the Yellowstone
With the sad passing of Byron I have noticed a phenomenon I have never thought much about . Virtual friends and acquaintances are a thing of recent times . It seems peculiar to think of as friends someone you’ve never met in person and don’t even know their real name . Most of us here don’t even know what we look like and all we know about any of us is what we post or pontificate about . And yet . . . I consider as friends several people here on The Great TFF Forum . This little corner of interwebby land is a real community and I always look forward to yanking some chains and learning things here and seeing the great pictures and videos of peoples fish and aquariums , people who are just ordinary everyday people like me . I can honestly say that I have only encountered , at most , two people here who irrigated me and they didn’t last long and are no longer here . So long Byron , rest well and all the rest of you fine people here please live long and prosper - even @Fishmanic .
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Your previous remark (“even Fishmanic”) warrants 10 rubber chickens to be thrown at you. :lol:
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It’s pretty natural to make forum friends… when they are themed the way this one is… tanks have always been a big interest to me, so we all have something in common… this is not the only themed forum I’m on as a man of many interests and hobbies, they are a good source of information exchange… I don’t join them to make friends, but it happens naturally, when you find members, that have similar sub interests
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