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Swollen leopard danios? Or pregnant?


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Mar 6, 2020
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Columbia Maryland
Hello all! I woke up this morning and noticed some of my leopard danios look swollen and one is even swimming slightly tilted to the right. I’ve had my tank for about 7 weeks now and I did a water change this past Saturday. I also placed at the time of water change API aquarium salt as I was trying to help a few of the leopard danios to heal their fins. Water parameters look okay. I will attach videos and pictures I took. Also I cleaned the outside of the tank after the videos were taken so now it looks more clear, it is not that white. I think they are all too young to start getting pregnant but I’m not sure. One of them (the one in pics) looks like it has little balls inside which is why I’m questioning their age and if it could be pregnant. The videos are better than the pictures, sorry the pictures are blurry.

any advice on how I can help them?

thank you!

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