fat fish

  1. ella777

    Extremely fat cardinal tetra

    One of my cardinal tetras is extremely fat. I dont know if its pregnant or just very fat. I fed them today (bloodworms, granules and flakes) He looks like he might explode. 3 of them look fat but none as big as him. The fatter ones seem to be breathing quite quickly as well. I attached a...
  2. K

    PLEASE HELP! Gigantic Molly Unexplainable - Photos and stats included

    Hey y’all! I consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to tank things and what I lack knowledge on, Google to the rescue. But this one has me all sorts of confused. I “adopted” this Molly 3 months ago. My local fish store has a “Kae Tank” that he puts fish in that he can’t sell for...
  3. A

    Fat black neon tetra

    Hi there, I have a really fat tetra, been like this for about 2 weeks now but really seems to ballooning now, also more on one side than the other. Water parameters are all good. Iv given them peas and starved the tank and still the same. Still is eating. I have a couple of photos, tried to get...
  4. L

    Chubby fish

    So I look at my fish often. Like every hour of the day if I can and I’ve come home this evening to find all 4 of my male guppies and maybe 5/7 cardinal tetras have quite big bellies!! All seem pretty happy and active as usual except 1 guppy is obviously trying to poop and is being quite...
  5. D

    Is my glow fish sick, fat, or pregnant?

    Hey everyone! I’m new to fish keeping. I had three danio glow fish. Unfortunately two of them died because the heater broke and they didn’t make it. This one has always been the biggest but I’ve noticed it’s gettingeven bigger. We named it hulk because he likes to eat a lot and survived. I’ve...
  6. S

    Why is my fish getting fat?

    Hi guys, The past few days I've noticed my Electric Yellow Labidochromis has started getting fat. Its either sick or has eggs. After some research I've found its a male and not a female. Im a little unsure as to what to do? Could use any tips. Thanks
  7. K

    Swollen leopard danios? Or pregnant?

    Hello all! I woke up this morning and noticed some of my leopard danios look swollen and one is even swimming slightly tilted to the right. I’ve had my tank for about 7 weeks now and I did a water change this past Saturday. I also placed at the time of water change API aquarium salt as I was...
  8. E

    Platy Super fat?

    Hi all, This is one of those is she pregnant or is she not? query. I've read through loads of other posts and some photos I've seen of sick fish look like mine, but some photos of pregnant fish look like mine. It feels like she's been pregnant for years! Obviously she hasn't but it's...
  9. S


    Hi Guys :) Slightly concerned about my Platy. I’ve had her for a good two years now, and she seems fine at the moment, but have noticed her belly has recently gotten ‘bigger’. I moved her into my 200 litre tank 3 days ago. Her eating and swimming habits haven’t changed and her scales and gills...
  10. K

    Is My Fish Ill Or Just Fat? [+Hi Res Pics]

    Hey there, glad to be on board!! )   I'm concerned about my poor OrangeFish (not had the tank long..   Concerned about fatness, and maybe a tiny bit of fin rot?   If a picture speaks 1000 words excuse me if I'm a bit verbose here