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  1. rianna21

    What is up with my Danio?

    Hi, I’ve attached a youtube video of my Danio which I have had for maybe 3 months now. The last few weeks its been looking really chubby and has an extra kind of hump under its chin. Now it seems to be breathing quickly and keeping away from the others. Is it pregnant and going to lay eggs...
  2. April_ht

    70 Litre High Stocking Ideas

    So I currently own a 70 litre high tank with approximate dimensions of 60x30x(40 or 50?), which is around 18.5 US gallons. The tank is currently holding 9 platies without a heater, though I do have one available if need be. As I’m planning on getting rid of (rehoming) 4+ of the platies due to...
  3. K

    Swollen leopard danios? Or pregnant?

    Hello all! I woke up this morning and noticed some of my leopard danios look swollen and one is even swimming slightly tilted to the right. I’ve had my tank for about 7 weeks now and I did a water change this past Saturday. I also placed at the time of water change API aquarium salt as I was...
  4. twintanks

    Lump on leopard danio tail

    Long time since posting....fish have been well. I have six leopard danios in my 100 litre tank, along with eight rasboras and a couple of old neon tetras. The leopards have been very well but I have now found one with a small pink lump towards the base of the tail and a slight degree of fin...
  5. davidjp1982

    Leopard Danios Fin Flaring / Circling Each Other (Video)

    I have 4 Zebra Danios and 3 Leopard Danios in a Fish Pod 48 Litre aquarium - I've noticed that the two largest Leopards quite regularly "display" and flare their fins to each other whilst circling each other. Is this normal behavior? Mating? Or territorial perhaps? Ive made a video and you can...