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Slimmed Down Fish Room Journal

Yeah I ordered from predatory fins. I can't believe they swapped our orders. I just got a shipping notification from them they're going to send out my other two tomorrow. Thankfully I get them delivered to work.

Also got my Nicrew today. I had purchased a Finnex at the same time to see what/if there was a noticeable difference.

Spoiler alert, I didn't see one. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to return the Finnex which was considerably more than the Nicrew and get another Nicrew for the tank because it does need two lights and it's basically a 2 for 1 price wise between the two brands.
So the 2 other crassipinnis came today. Looking forward to getting them in the tank. Had a little issue with some surprise ammonia in the 120. Moved my crassipinnis (Sweetums from the Muppets) into the 125 where he perked up and was assaulted by eels and gourami trying to figure him out. Then of course our parrot fish Marigold had to try to show who's the boss. Turns out Sweetums is definitely the boss and is not liking his time in the tank.

As to the ammonia, I used some ceramic/pumice media that was already used and though I soaked it in hot water and rinsed it half a dozen times of course the nature of the stuff is porous so whatever debris in there is probably what caused the ammonia. Will be stopping by Fish Planet for Turbo Start to hopefully help with any future issues.
Glad you finally got your fish… I got mine also today… they re-sent the rainbows, and 2 were dead again… but I got my 3 Africans… what are you going to do with yours??? Mine came in alive, but quite tiny… fit right into n the shoal of tetras
I am sorry to say I dropped them off at my local fish store as I don't have tetras anymore. Had I known I would have kept them and sent them to you.
So got the fish home after stopping at Fish Planet for the Turbo Start. Fish Planet had 2 eels that were supposed to be common spiny variety but turned out to be maculatus. Since I had lost one yesterday, and have 1 currently in the 10 gallon as a grow-up tank I decided to bring home the 2 eels.
So as the fish acclimated in the 125, I did a WC on the 10 gallon. Sweetums (the crassipinnis in the 125) was very interested in his acclimating buddies, not so much the eels. The three crassipinnis will be named after Muppets with the smaller one being Fozzie and the larger one being Rowlf.
I would name one Kermit, but that name is already taken.

I love your videos. I wish I could come up with names for all of mine.. so far my Pleco is called Pedro and one of the two Reed fish was named Sebastian, but I can barely tell them apart and I actually think they’re both female 😂
Excellent video… glad you got your fish… you should have seen my face, when I picked out the 1st bag… so obviously not a tetra
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Excellent video… glad you got your fish… you should have seen my face, when I picked out the 1st bag… so obviously not a tetra
Never got a chance to ask you what are you going to do with them?
Got a new fish today, Neosilurus ater. It's a very rare catfish from Australia that gets to be about 16 to 18 in when fully grown. Unlike most large catfish it eats small invertebrates, it has a very little mouth. Like it's salt water relatives, it is highly venomous and if you make a mistake and get injected you will be in pain and not for hours not for days but for months.
It looked a little rough when I put it in the tank, but it has acclimated wonderfully and has dug itself a little cave underneath the wood O.
You can see him at about 3:15.

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