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Well (strongly believe its a) she has arrived!



Last time we had a starlight eel we were in a house that was sold to us with the promise it was lake water, but was actually municipal well water. We had a fish room with a centralized air system and over 40 tanks ranging from 5 to 125. Some fish were doing OK in the water, many others were not doing well and eels like to search for other water sources when they don't like what they are in-hence the jumping. Unfortunately the starlight eel we had hated its tank water and jumped multiple times even with a weighted lid. We rescued him/her twice but the third time it was out of the water too long. I have been wanting to get another since then-a bit over 5 years ago! These guys are extremely rare and usually a by-catch. fortunately my Sister's egal eye found the only 2 that Wetspot had for sale and within minutes they were both gone-fortunately one went to us!

The some of the other eels came out to investigate Nebula before she decided to check out her new digs, lol. Sexing eels is tough, but she has a very round body and is big in general. Females are usually wider and bigger than males so we are thinking its a she.
Nebula, the new starlight spiny eel is doing great. She started eating a couple days ago which is fast for a wild caught eel of her size.

All of the eels are enjoying the extra wiggle room, lol.

We may have some new additions coming next week, I am still waiting on the seller to verify with me. They have 3 maculatus eels about 6" in size. I would like to get all three to add to the one I currently have.

Next on my list is to find some tapir eels to keep Mrs. Bean company... although with her voracious appetite and habit of stealing food (literally) out of the mouths of other eels, maybe I am okay with waiting 😂
Well the gentleman selling the maculatus eels got back to me and they should be arriving Tuesday. That's great because they will be delivered to work and I am done at 12:30. Just have to remind myself to leave. I have been staying a little later to help my coworker since another worker is on vacation and we have been hit with a lot of work this week. Hasn't helped that I have been fighting a nasty nasal infection with lots of coughing and sore throat...stuffiness all the fun stuff. Boss was nice enough to let me go home early Wednesday. However we got 1.5X our normal workload Thursday and were down the vacation employee and another employee who called in sick. Worked 2 hours overtime just to stay afloat. Left work with a hot mess for my coworker who also stayed an hour later. To make up with what we couldn't do yesterday in general maintenance, I stayed an hour and half longer today too... effectively recouping the 4 hours I lost going home early with my overtime.

Have to say I love this new, hours, management and employees are great. Never thought I would like getting up a little before 3 am, but ending your day at 12:30 (and no limit on overtime if work is available) is great.
Bonus they allow fish deliveries, lol.

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