Slimmed Down Fish Room Journal

Thanks Tom, I hope so.
Tank brings back memories of prior tanks...both small and big. Recently purged my Google photos otherwise I would post some pics of tanks of fishy past.

I had found some blyxia japonica and blyxia red in my local fish store and I remembered how well the japonica did in the shrimp tanks I had about 10 years ago. I also remember having pogostemon helferi in another tank and loving it. Then I saw the lagenandra meeboldii and it brought back memories of my 75 gallon CO2 and dry fertilizer tank.
The substrate is a mix of Eco complete and some red flint small gravel/large sand.
I kept some of the other plants I already had in the tank (along with the Igawazo 2000) including a small lace plant (a. madagascariensis) what looks like a baby a. ulvaceous and two a. crispus "red" and a small bulb or two of Egyptian lotus.

I have some shrimp safe thrive fertilizer that I need to be better about dosing, lol.

Am excited to see how this little tank progresses.
Shrimp be shrimping...



then there is Caspian

Comfy cozy
So got the new shrimp today. They (and I) are still at work but don't have too much longer. They should be acclimated and in the tank before 3.

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