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There is actually one thing about $mas that I like . The Charlie Brown cartoon. The little tree and Snoopy's fall into capitalism but mostly the music. I hate music but this I like.
We have 2 sad little Charlie brown treas outside the shop. You cant even tell they are treas. Just garland and bulbs XD.
These two are photos that I've made at home at my bar in a former place of mine. One with a small glass with my name on it. And one with a photo frame with my gf on it. I've used them on a christmas card.
x-mascard wiskey&rose.jpg x-mascard santa&photodiana.jpg
x-mascard santa&toilet.jpg And here's Santa on the toilet. Thought it was funny putting him there.
At some point, you should eat sweet mince tarts while reading A Child's Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas, then have a quality glass of whiskey by a fire before going for a walk through a pine forest close to the sea. I like Christmas lights, in a Diwali Festival of sorts, and having an excuse to see friends and family. I'm not religious, but where I live, it isn't a religious festival any more, for the great majority of people. You can sidestep the worst commercialism, though there's no escaping the worst xmas music, and just enjoy the gateway to the harsh winter. You have to get winter started to get through it.
We fish people often "get" lighting year round - warm tones, cool tones, what you can do with LEDs, and Christmas lets you take ordinary rooms and use warm lighting to make them extra inviting and cozy. I like coming in from the cold with my poor old dog, and stepping into a warmly but strangely lit room.
Well even though today was stressful, my flight was cancelled and I missed my replacement flight. I’m not able to spend Christmas with my family, but at least I can spend today and tomorrow with others who are dear to me (including my fish!) it’s a hard but good day.

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