Puget Sound Biotope

Oooh that's nice! Whatever happened to that oyster?
I used to own my scuba gear. Did it for many years. Always loved walls, great places for marine life. Loved sharks but you have to go to warm waters for them, and it can get expensive to travel like that.

After the heart attack and strokes I only kept the dry suit, mask, snorkel, fins. I can't risk having an episode in deep water with all that gear. I got about thirty years out of the hobby before having to give it up, so I don't feel cheated. So, I will be free diving it!
You live in Seattle? Very pretty city.
Still going strong, changed the lighting on it a bit. It continues to be my favourite drama box! :cool:
Seven months! Please excuse the reflections as it was a sunny day here, which is rare.


Also, one of the challenges of having this kind of tank is I will have to collect the marine life myself. Stores do not carry temperate specimens. There will be a lot of going in the ocean in the near future!
Is that legal?...

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