coldwater tank

  1. D

    Help guys!!! I'm worried!!

    So, I'll try and keep this story short. The picture above is my sister's tank. She's 13. Her bf is 14. Here's the thing. His parents are very wealthy, and they adore my sister, but they buy her whatever she asks for. When she was 11, she wanted goldfish, so I got her two, but I knew they'd...
  2. eatyourpeas

    Puget Sound Biotope

    This initial post is going to be a bit long, since I am compiling steps that have taken place already. The beginnings of this tank came from collecting local specimens, and right now we have depth of 0' to 10' for the sake of convenience. I use a dry suit to go in the 50F water, no tank, just...
  3. AnnAlfie

    Is sand good for Goldfish or not?

    I have recently discovered black sand (on this forum) and I would like to change the coral chips in my cold water tank to black sand. The colours would be amazing. However after researching the internet I have been hit with conflicting information. Some say it's good for Goldfish and some say it...