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Overflow Box


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Apr 3, 2020
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New Zealand
I have a 100L tank and want to setup an automatic water changing system.

My idea was to get a water float valve so that the tank cant over flow and get an overflow box to hang on the side to remove the excess water.

My question is with the overflow box can you adjust the amount of water it removes from the tank or does it just remove what ever flows into the overflow box also having a small amount of water flowing into the overflow box does it still work?
As its a tropical tank and the water coming into the tank would be cold and only want a small trickle coming in so my heater isn't on 24/7.

The problem I think I'm going to face is having that the small amount of water coming into the tank will stop the siphon in the overflow box is this correct? or is it that the overflow box always has a certain amount of water in it all the time and only removes excess water that comes in?

overflow box looking at:

I hope this makes sense.


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