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My (very) low-cost 7.92 gallons tank

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This week I'll defend my thesis about my brine shrimp culture.

Okay, let's go to the photos, once again.

How I do my partial water changes...



Still fighting against cyanobacteria



Well, I know that since the last post, it has been about three months... but who cares? The thesis was approved and the artemias from the culture were transferred to the current cultivation I still have. I can call them "House of Term Paper".

The cyanobacteria issue is under the control as well as the fins rotting, because I had to took more drastic measures, once again changing the tank layout by removing rocks and leaves, this way is easier to siphon the detritus excess, although I know that the aquarium looks is poor.

I took so many photos that I don't know if I post all of them here because each post has a limit. Anyway, I'll post the last ones I got.


These pellets at background are a thing that I find curious. They resemble bloodworms tunnels, but I know that is not the case. What would be, then?



These white spots on the glass seem to be rotifers. They always appear some days later, despite I'm scrapping the biofilm on the glass every week

The current artemia culture is still working, although I am seeing several moribund and dead adults, but I suspect that they are dying by natural causes. I did another recipient for a future culture, by getting the cysts on the sides from the old culture, besides putting aragonite substrate. Let's see if on the next days we will see nauplii on the new basin...

Currently, I'm giving tiny BSFL as live food for my betta. He likes them also. I have a separated small plastic for these baby black soldier larvae... I put on the recipient some rabbit pellets and lettuce.



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