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  1. Lanpenn

    My (very) low-cost 7.92 gallons tank

    Well, since I transferred my artemias to other containers that are still now on the porch, then I transformed a brine shrimp culture (for my term paper from my Major in Biology) to freshwater. This is the setup: • Size: 15.74" length x 11.81" height x 9.84" width, 7.29 gallons; •...
  2. danajs


    Could anyone tell me what deficiency my Amazon Sword (Reni) is experiencing? I suspect iron, but am not 100% sure! TIA
  3. shaziasadiqah

    Can anyone share their experience with Pea Puffer?

    I have a nano tank (17gal, cube 40cm tank) it's empty now i only have lots of plants in there. I've been also reading a lot about pea puffer and very interested in getting one, can anyone share their experience with the fish? Behavior, feeding, tank mates, etc.... All i know so far is that...
  4. S

    Nano Filter Set-up - Plan

    So - here's my plan for my Nano Tank filter set up. My Nano Tank comes with built in compartments in the back for the filter, water pump and heater. Originally it came with a large black sponge in the middle compartment (areas 4-5 in the drawing) - which I assumed was the Carbon filter but the...
  5. S

    Beginner - Lighting, CO2 and not knowing what I don't know

    Hi Everyone! I'm pretty new to the forum - I posted once before to ask for help on my 21 Litre Nano, because every time I did a water change, my nitrites would go up! I've actually had to break down the tank and nearly gave up on it (and the hobby) altogether - but here I am. I started having...
  6. S

    Nitrites Spike every water change - Any help would be amazing!

    Hi Friends I'm new to the forum, and excuse me please for skipping out on the introduction, but I've got a bit of an urgent problem I really need some help with. If you could read through and give me some advice, I'd truly appreciate it. First, I'll cut to the facts of my set-up: Tank - 21...
  7. IHaveADogToo

    Beginner how-to: Tiny Tanks

    Most people's first fish tank is small, usually 5 US gallons (19 liters) or less. It is far too common that people will buy a 1 gallon, or 3 gallon, or 5 gallon tank, and then find out later they have stocked it with the wrong kind of fish, or too many fish, or a bad mix of fish. So I wanted to...
  8. P

    Bettas with shrimp

    I currently have a Betta in a nano 3.5gal, quick scape, well planted(but not over planted) with lots of moss and foreground plants, special shrimp substrate, (came with the tank) filter, co2, and grow light. I do ~20% water changes every week as well, and I was wondering if I could safely put...
  9. J

    Using Flourish In 10 Gallon Tank

    So I have a 10 gallon tank that is very lightly planted. I have small bunch of Java Fern on some driftwood, and some Anubias nana.NO special gravel,special lighting,CO2, or fertilizers YET. My tank has very low LED lights. But I've surprisingly gotten 4 or 5 new growth from the rhizomes and...
  10. M

    Vacation Tips?

    Hey all, I have a 8 gallon fluval tank with a breeding pair of fancy guppies (2 standard females, 1 cobra male) and a golden snail. I saved 6 fry (3 from each female's drop) in a mesh breeders box type thing in the tank and they have been growing beautifully!    I'm an out-of-state college...
  11. Megalodon

    Bio Orbs

    does anyone have any bio orbs?  what size do you have?   do they function better as nano tanks? do the larger ones properly filter everything?   are they worth the price?   i saw a larger bio orb and i was smitten,but it seems it only functions with a airstone and lights.
  12. Blondielovesfish

    Betta Vs Guppies, Which Would You Choose?

    Okay, we'll I've got a 5 gallon, 21 litre tank that is free at the moment. I want to set up a nano tank and I want some opinions... Would you have a Betta in the tank or 3 male guppies? The filter is an AquaOne Clear View 100 HOB. I really just can't make up my mind which is why I thought it...