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  1. Lanpenn

    My (very) low-cost 7.92 gallons tank

    Well, since I transferred my artemias to other containers that are still now on the porch, then I transformed a brine shrimp culture (for my term paper from my Major in Biology) to freshwater. This is the setup: • Size: 15.74" length x 11.81" height x 9.84" width, 7.29 gallons; •...
  2. T

    Fluval Roma 200 Cheap Low Cost Set Up Ideas!

    Hi everyone, needing some help with a tank that was given to me by a friend who had it in storage, it's a Fluval Roma 200 tank, along with a fluval 105 ext filter & the Original int. filter the 200 comes with. I'm really wanting to get it up and running in my dining room, BUT... I don't have a...