Help!! Angel fish has a small hole increasing in size rapidly!!

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I'm not ignoring you, but I honestly do not know much about disease, and I so very rarely had any. Times were different then, obviously. I won't second guess others.
Sorry Byron. You just seem to have so much general knowledge I sort of tend to think you know everything... ;)
Ahaha 😂 yeah I didn’t even think there was no such thing then I was born 88 so I should have known that really all my friends had computers in early 90’s though using msn messenger and things. So you feel it is a case of learning as you go along then to an extent. You say you know little this hobby has more to it than I think most people realise my friends were shocked I check water levels and PH they assume you just fill it from the tap and that’s it. I feel out of my depth though with this. So large water changes are always a good idea. You make me laugh that’s probably what’s wrong with mine is me I’m really hoping the medicines haven’t caused any problems to her or the others.

Ok I might do a small partial change, I normally would in between weekly changes because of the poop sat on the top of the sand. I purchased a hoover though as the shop suggested it was good not to change water as it affects beneficial bacteria- unless more commission lol 😂. I think if I have a cocktail in the water it’s probably best anyways and might help her wound.

Yeah me neither especially after what I’ve already been using 😳 I think I tried to message Colin-t I’m new to this site and not very tech savvy. I think he’s located in Perth though isn’t he? West Australia isn’t it? So with time difference he may not be online. Thats okay please tag people I need all the help I can get. Thank you ☺️
And I'll bet that the "hoover" cost a lot more than a simple siphon... ;) Another case of gross bad information from a store. First, without actually replacing water, toxins build up. There are other things other than ammonia and nitrites that should not be allowed to build up. Second, using a siphon on the substrate actually removes very little bacteria as the little beasties bond pretty strongly to surfaces. That is actually something to remember if you ever setup another tank and want to jump start the nitrogen cycle. Many people think that if they use some of the water from an existing tank in the new tank that they are carrying over the good bacteria. This is almost completely false as, while you may get a little bacteria this way the water holds very little. The bacteria is on surfaces. You can 'jump start a tank' but it is done by moving over filter media and/or substrate. Sorry... got a bit off topic there...

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