angel and ram questions

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  1. NatCardiff88

    Help!! Angel fish has a small hole increasing in size rapidly!!

    Hi There Can anyone help with me with my angel fish please? She has holes in her abdomen and has a poor appetite. About 3weeks ago she began hiding and not eating. I was unsure what was wrong so started wit Melafix no improvement. Then one of my discus also stopped eating. I treated tank...
  2. J

    Angels an Bolivians

    Ok so in a couple months I plan to get a 45 gallon tank. And I want fish from the Amazon. I really want angelfish but also would like a Bolivian Ram. Could I have both? what is the most angelfish I could fit with a Bolivian Ram in this tank?
  3. L

    Just Finished Redoing 75 Gal Tank

    Just so happy to finally have new fish in my tank!  After a few years I was bored with my mbunas and decided to go with something different.  After the mbuna were rehomed, I got rid of the sand, the dark lava rocks, etc.  I now have 6 angelfish (black, white and marbled), 8 serpae tetra (which...