angel fish disease

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  1. BBfishes

    Unknown disease on Angel fish scales

    My coi Angel fish has a milky clear film on one side of its body I just noticed because the other angels were pecking at him like they do when one is sick and doing. But I don’t know what the plea on him is or how to treat it. Anyone have ideas? I posted a picture below to try and help diagnose...
  2. primsloaches16

    HELP PLEASE!!!!! Angelfish declining, ick or columnaris???

    Hey yall. I've had two angelfish for about 4 months now, and recently one of them has been declining in health and acting strangely. She is the smaller of the two (they are a mated pair). She used to be super active and stay close to the male, but lately she has been very lethargic and wont eat...
  3. S

    My angel fish is face down vertical

    Hi I just received a large new angel fish from a friend about a week ago and just today he started swimming face down into the rocks in the corner of the tank. I fed the fish in the tank to see if it would interest him, but he just continues to swim down. I'm not sure what todo please help.
  4. Bazouteast

    Fin Rot

    I have three new Angel fish (approx 5cm height) which after two weeks in the tank appear to be showing signs of fin rot. I have looked at the usual suspects - water quality, overfeeding, temperature, overcrowding and conclude it is probably stress-related, following their introduction into the...