Fish Of The Month - April 2011

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Thanks to everyone who participated in our March competition. The poll to decide the winner will be started tomorrow (sorry for the delay) and is active until 28 February 2011. The winner will then be announced.

Meantime, please start posting entries and nominations for the April competition here.

Please note that a dated verification picture must be provided or the entry will not be accepted.

The standard of the entries in the comps so far has been very high, so lets keep them coming please.

If you have not done so already, please read the competition rules before submitting a nomination or entry.

The April competition will close for entries and nominations on 13th April 2011 at 23:59 GMT.
heres my dwarf pike crenicichla regani


Uarus mmmm wood.

I know this proof photo is old but it should work right..
he mightent will his compation but he will always be a winner in my heart =] to bad hes going back to the shop as he cant be held in a 55g any longer =/


My star male Fundulopanchax gardneri lafia gold. One of the first fish I produced and I'm in so much love with him. Combined with my very recent knowledge of taking excellent fish photos, here he is...


awesome killi . thats going to take some beating :good:
+1, what a stunner :wub:


Thanks. This is the first time I entered FOTM because I never had anything good enough to show. I figured this killie deserves to be a contestant though since I took such an amazing picture of him. The flash took out some of his features though as his bottom fin has blue where there's white and his body is orangey, not white.
that caudal fin is just breathtaking . flash can dull fish colours , what camera are you using?
Yeah, he's my only male with that intense of a caudal fin. The original pair that I bought didn't even have any cyan on the caudal fin, so he's pretty special. Trying to get him to pass down his genes soon. The camera is a Canon PowerShot SD770 IS.
Wow. Amazing fish. Since I've taken the picture I might as well enter this month...


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