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  • thank you, and idk if u have seen them but u should check out orange rili shrimp. Theyre are a morph of cherry shrimp. Beautiful!
    Wow that's crazy. A fair price is $2 but if they are high grade really solid red then maybe $5. If they are not solid red if they are just average $2.
    hi, i noticed you have cherry shrimp. What do u think is a fair price for a cherry shrimp because my local store had them for 6 dollars. That seems high to me
    On the sesrch for the perfect dog.
    Get an Australian labradoodle!!! I've got one and he is a joy to be with. Set aside the hefty price tag, they are GREAT dogs
    (SECOND PAGE)... and takes any aggression out on plant leaves, the thermoniter or a small fish sinker. She has even started spawning. I want to have a heavily planted tank with lots of wood and 'stuff' to help create possible territories, hiding places and visual barriers. I am REALLY interested in hearing how your fish got along and any personal tips you may have. (Ill use feeder fish ...
    Greetings Snowflake
    I saw your post about keeping bolivian butterflys with blue acaras. I plan to try this mix in my spiffy new 3 foot tank. My acaras are 3 inches at the moment and although when I first brought them home one was a psychotic demon fish and killed over $70 worth of my precious fishies. After 10 days in fish exile and some 'fish psychology' she has mellowe...
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