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Electric blue acara behaviour


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Feb 6, 2018
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I need help or any tips or advice after the larger female spawned. The eggs are on the red rock.
The behavior got worse after the the female spawned but started 3 days ago since I transferred them to the 90 gal tank. I purchased the younger male at a LFS in hopes of finding a mate for my larger female. So previous to the 90 gal both fish where together for 2 weeks with no signs of aggression in my old 45 gal. The 90 gal tank was recently started. I transplanted the new 90 gal with the same filters and water to avoid any cycling issues.
The behavior started as the smaller male obsesivly following the female and rubbing along side her. Shimmering his whole body as if to show himself off. Picking up gravel with his mouth shaking and spitting it out. The female always ignoring him. Now after she spawned the female started returning aggression and now they are almost lip locking.

-90 gal tank
-Aqua Top 370 gph Canister Filter w/ UV 9W
-4 x 54 watt t5 High output multi-spectrum lights

Water parameters are good.



Oct 1, 2013
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Doesn't look like anyharm is done, so nothing to worry about. For me it looks like even though they spawned they are not comfortable in their new tank yet going along the glass all time. Would be good have some black background behind the glass. Also they might see some reflections and try to fend of the "intruder".
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