1. K

    Male platy bullying other male

    Hi, I have 4 platys, two male and 2 female (complete accident, just bought 4 and didn't realise the sex) the larger of the males has been nipping at the smaller younger male and causing quite a bit of damage, I know this is probably due to wanting to mate but Im just looking for a bit of advice...
  2. V

    Shrimp fighting? meeting? whats happening?

    Hi. so i have had a Bamboo shrimp for a while now and thought to get it a companion. Yesterday i bought an Arnoured shrimp ( the worker told me theyre the same just as different name - alright then). They were fine all night and all day today, hiding in their decor. However while doing a 25%...
  3. MyFishKaren

    What Sex Are My Angelfish?

    I have two angelfish, I am thinking of getting another but don't know if Im restricted based on their sexes. I have three questions: What are their sexes? If they are M/F, can they breed? And, should I caution myself as to the sex of a third angel fish?
  4. J

    Electric blue acara behaviour

    I need help or any tips or advice after the larger female spawned. The eggs are on the red rock. The behavior got worse after the the female spawned but started 3 days ago since I transferred them to the 90 gal tank. I purchased the younger male at a LFS in hopes of finding a mate for my...
  5. S

    What are my fish doing? Help?

    Is this a mate dance or a hate dance? Only had Betta fish before. I don't want my fish killing each other (or making more fish, honestly my tank isn't big enough for that)
  6. M

    Can someone please sex this dwarf Gourami for me?

    Hello Everyone, This is my fist post. I'm been in and out of fish/aquatic hobby for a long time and recently got back in and so far have built 3 Walstad style tanks. I have a 55 gallon, 20 gallon & 5 gallon all Walstad style planted tanks. My 55 gallon is my oldest at 6 months now and I can...
  7. C

    Female German Blue Ram Laying Eggs Without A Male Pair?

    About a month ago, I bought three female german blue rams and one male german blue ram. They were just random fish from my LFS, ie they weren't sold a breeding pair.   Recently one of the females started showing her colors and I noticed her and the male seemed to stick close together. Her belly...
  8. F

    Albino And Green Tiger Barbs Mating?

    HI everyone,   Over the past few days I have noticed that all my fish (mentioned in the title) are huddling together. Some have gone in pairs others have stayed together. I am not sure if I am correct but is this a form of mating occuring? Any suggestions would be great.   Many thanks,  ...
  9. N

    Please Help With Aggression Issues In 50G

    Hi All, I recently added 8 new pets to my 50G.  The pets currently are as follows: Kenyi: 2 Females/1 Male Cobalt Blue Zebra: 2 females? 1 Currently Juvenile Bumblebee: 1 sex undetermined/juvenile Yellow Lab: 1 sex undetermined/juvenile Mixed Mbuna: 1 sex undetermined/juvenile Psued Acei: ? 2...
  10. C

    Are These Piranha Eggs?

    Recently my tropical "Cory" fish had been laying eggs on the glass of my tank but as I looked at the tank for more I noticed a different type of egg on the stones. The Cory was laying multiple eggs but the other eggs are single clear eggs, we have piranhas in the same tank as the Cory fish and...
  11. DFT

    [Pic]Opaline Gourami Mating

      The picture is not perfect since it is a bit dark under the bubble nest.    I finally have them mating. Even though the male and female Opaline Gouramis  are in the same tank they just fight and never go into mating mood. Then I put the female in a net trap and put a piece of styrofoam on the...
  12. B

    Newbie Wanting Help With Betta Splenders (Fighting Fish)

    Hello All!   I am new to this forum, and I am also new to owning my first Betta!   I am wanting to know a few questions I have about them. I am sorry if this has been asked before, I'm still trying to find my way around   QUESTION ONE:   I am wanting to breed him, I am unsure of his age, I...
  13. AlbertShipman

    Common Garden Frogs

    All taken around half past eleven this morning.